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Models / Amy R. Model

Avg Rating: 5.0

Amy R. Model Vital Stats:
Height:  5 '06
Age:  18
Employment:  Part-Time Restaurant Hostess
Location:  New Port Richey, FL

My name is Amy R. and I am 18 years old. I was over at the store the other day browsing through the women's clothing section when this guy walked over to me and just started talking to me. I didn't mind, but I didn't know this guy from anywhere! He was all like asking questions about the women's clothing, and apparently, he was looking for something to buy someone as a gift but did not know quite the exact size. At first, I remember thinking to myself ...so why don't you go ask one of the store associates? lol. But on the other hand, the guy was nice and I also thought that he was cute, so I actually enjoyed talking to him anyway. I noticed this big tattoo on his arm while we were both talking with one another and I asked him about it. He told me that it was the name of his website and that he shoots nude models! I was like ...really? Dang. That's pretty interesting! He spoke with me more about it, and I started finding myself becoming more and more interested in actually doing a shoot myself! It seemed like a lot of fun! The only thing is I don't really smile all the time. I told that to the guy, Ray Edwards, and he told me that was perfectly fine because he would rather me be my true self instead of pretending. That's the kinda stuff he shoots anyway. It's funny too because Ray actually asked me to go with him right then and there to do the modeling shoot! Gosh, I didn't even have any sort of preparation or anything, but that was fine with me. So yeah, we just literally went directly from the store to the modeling shoot! After the nude modeling shoot, and after I had been spreading apart my legs for literally 3 hours, I found myself becoming quite horny, so I also sucked Ray's cock. Gosh. That sure was a lot of fun! I've only had 1 dick in my mouth so far, and that was Mark (ex-boyfriend) but I just got down onto my knees, unzipped Ray's shorts while he held the camera above my head, and inserted his cock inside of my mouth! It was already really hard and stuff, so it felt really nice to have it throbbing and pulsating inside of my mouth. I sucked it the best I could, and Ray told me that I did very well sucking it too! In fact, he even came right inside my mouth! That was interesting cause I ain't never had a guy shoot his cum inside of my mouth before. But anyway, the shoot was a lot of fun and I hope that you all enjoy my modeling pictures, as well as the blowjob pictures!

Amy R. Model Updates

Amy R. Modeling Gallery #9
Amy R. Model
Welcome to another amateur modeling gallery from this sexy and cute brunette babe! Amy R. wanted to shoot a little bit more the other day when she came by with her friend Abbie, so here are the remaining pictures from that shoot! As always, she does great with striping off those clothes and getting into...

Tags: Brunettes Petite Shaved Pussy Teen
Amy And Abbie Modeling Gallery #1
Abbie Model , Amy R. Model
Check out these 2 amateur teens modeling nude and spreading apart their amateur asses! Amy R. told me that she had a friend named Abbie that found out that she did a few amateur nude modeling shoots for my website and Abbie told Amy R. that she was interested in trying out the amateur nude modeling herself!...

Tags: Brunettes Petite Shaved Pussy Teen
Amy R. Modeling Gallery #8
Amy R. Model
Amy R. contacted me just the other day and asked me if I'd like to shoot her and her friend modeling nude! That seemed like a great idea to me, so I scheduled them both to come in to shoot! Unfortunately, the friend never made it to the shoot because she was called in to her job, but she told me that...

Tags: Brunettes Petite Shaved Pussy Teen
Amy R. Modeling Gallery #7
Amy R. Model
Here's some more modeling pictures showing Amy R. stripping out of those blue jean shorts, as well as displaying her thong panties! And obviously, there are a lot of super closeup pussy and asshole shots, as always! Amy R. is just a regular and very amateur teen girl that I met while I was walking through...

Tags: Brunettes Petite Shaved Pussy Teen
Amy R. Modeling Gallery #6
Amy R. Model
Welcome to another modeling gallery from this sexy and very amateur brunette teen! Watch Amy R. strip out of that outfit, along with providing some nice upskirt and pansty shots! And of course, after Amy removed her clothing, she gets into all of those sexy and hot poses! Watch her spread apart that...

Tags: Brunettes Petite Shaved Pussy Teen
Amy R. Modeling Gallery #5
Amy R. Model
Hey guys! Wanna see some more pictures from Amy? I drove over to her house the other day because she wanted to shoot some more modeling pictures! Her place is a bit small so there was not that many places to shoot, but I was able to shoot off some really good pictures of her modeling, as well as spreading...

Tags: Brunettes Petite Shaved Pussy Teen
Amy R. Modeling Gallery #4
Amy R. Model
Welcome to another modeling gallery from this hot brunette babe! I also have a lot of new models that want to shoot too, so be sure to watch out for them coming soon! However, in this particular gallery of high resolution photos, you will see Amy R. stripping down nude and getting into all of those poses...

Tags: Brunettes Petite Shaved Pussy Teen
Amy R. Modeling Gallery #3
Amy R. Model
Welcome to another modeling gallery from this hot and cute amateur teen! Of course, her name is Amy R. and she only had a couple of modeling galleries on the website before so I wanted to shoot more content from her, especially since she's a cute and petite amateur teen babe! Be sure to check out her...

Tags: Brunettes Petite Shaved Pussy Teen
Amy R. Blowjob Gallery #1
Amy R. Model
Would you like to see Amy R. with a dick in her mouth? This hot amateur teen sure gives a great blowjob, and not only that, she also let me blow my load right inside of her wet and warm mouth! We were just kicking back and checking out some of her modeling pictures when she just came out and asked me...

Tags: Brunettes Handjob Oral Petite
Amy R. Modeling Gallery #2
Amy R. Model
Welcome to another gallery from this hot brunette teen babe! Amy R. has a whopping amount of 420 high resolution and very exclusive pictures in this gallery showing Amy R. modeling in all types of positions, as well as spreading apart that teen ass! As you can see, Amy R. also has a nice pussy too! She...

Tags: Brunettes Petite Shaved Pussy Teen
Amy R. Modeling Gallery #1
Amy R. Model
Welcome Amy R. to True Amateur Models! I came into contact with this hot 18 year old teen over at the store the other day and absolutely had to speak with her about the possibility of modeling nude in my shoots! She looked so sweet and cute, looking through the clothing in the store. I took a double...

Tags: Brunettes Petite Shaved Pussy Teen


Awesome modeling galleries of Amy and a nice blowjob gallery too! I really like this girl a lot.
super hot chick ....hot amateur "girl next door" and a REAL looking teen! i hate those sites that say their models are teens, but they look like edited and airbrushed 30 year olds!
Mr. Donnington
Amy is HOT! And that photo set of her modeling with her friend Abbie is excellent! Both of them are very cute girls.
I like the blowjob pictures. I've never had a guy cum in my mouth before. That's hot.
I've been a huge fan of your work bro for a few years now but just most recently joined the site. I can honestly say best site hands down EVER! You have great taste when it comes to picking the women to model for you! They are all sexy and unique in their own right but I'm telling you this, at least to me Amy R. is by far the best one on here in my book! I was gonna tell you what I like about her but heck that would take forever because I like EVERYTHING about her! She makes my jaw drop and my heart beat a million miles per hour! She is so MESMERIZING and so very beautiful! Keep up the good work bro, you got a permanent loyal fan in me! Again thanks for bringing us what you bring... TOTAL AWESOMENESS! ???
Site Admin - Ray
Thank you! Glad that you like the site! Amy R. is most definitely a hottie! I would love to shoot her again, but I haven't spoken to her in quite a while now. I don't know. We just kinda lost touch, but I agree with you, she is a super cute chick - for sure! ?
Yea,I noticed I spent 4 hrs today looking at her pics twice or more time than any other so far! Have a great night and again thanks ?
Amy is awesome! And also, great quality pics! Her friend, Abbie, is very hot too.