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Models / Abbie Model

Avg Rating: 4.9

Abbie Model Vital Stats:
Height:  5 '03
Age:  19
Employment:  Supermarket Cashier
Location:  Tampa, Florida

What's up everybody? My name is Abbie and I am 19 years old! This whole amateur nude modeling thing was definitely a first-time thing for me. I ain't never had a guy ask me to pull down my pants and spread my legs and ass all apart! I'm just a southern-born Florida teen that has only had two boyfriends in the past. I just enjoy working my job over at the local supermarket and living a simple life. In fact, I've been working over at the supermarket now for almost an entire year! After work the other day, I decided to walk over to my friend Amy's house. Once I arrived at her house, we were both sitting in her bedroom and she told me that she knows this photographer guy that shoots amateur girls modeling nude! That seemed interesting to me, and quite cool too, but I didn't really give it that much thought. That is until I found out that SHE was on the website! My friend did a nude modeling shoot - and didn't even let me know! If she's going to do it, I am going to do it too! Once she showed me her nude modeling pictures, I was instantly interested in doing a shoot myself! However, I did not know the photographer, so I asked her if she'd go over to the house with me to hang out while I do the modeling shoot! Of course, Ray Edwards (the photographer and male talent for the porn industry) didn't mind that at all. He turned out to be a really cool and down-to-earth type of guy and we all had a great time hanging out! As you can see, my friend Amy also modeled along with me for some pictures! I had a lot of fun at the modeling shoot, and I am also looking forward to going back over and shooting again very soon! Watch out for more stuff coming out from me and I hope that you all enjoy my pictures!

Abbie Model Updates

Abbie Modeling Gallery #1
Abbie Model
Welcome Abbie to True Amateur Models! Abbie is 19 years old and she is a 100% fresh and very amateur teen! in fact, she's actually good friends with another model on the website (Amy R.) and when Abbie came over to do her modeling shoot, she brought along her friend Amy and Amy decided to do some amateur...

Tags: Brunettes Petite Teen
Amy And Abbie Modeling Gallery #1
Abbie Model , Amy R. Model
Check out these 2 amateur teens modeling nude and spreading apart their amateur asses! Amy R. told me that she had a friend named Abbie that found out that she did a few amateur nude modeling shoots for my website and Abbie told Amy R. that she was interested in trying out the amateur nude modeling herself!...

Tags: Brunettes Petite Shaved Pussy Teen


She's so adorable very CUTE! One of my favorite models on here, but I've seen a bunch of other cute models too!
Abbie is the definition of natural beauty. Please bring her back!
a very good looking teen, i must say.
Randy Williamson
Beuatiful girl.
Absolutely Gorgeous xxxx
Studio Connaisseur
One of your top stars of all time! Angelic and with a perfect body. She performs like a goddess.
The Duke
I like the photo set where they are both modeling together. That's so hot.
Mr. Chang - The Chinese Food Restaurant Manager
This girl has real nice pussy. Please take your mouth and eat it, Ray. I want to see the pussy in your mouth when you suck on it. Please also make her cum because I want to see cum coming out of the pussy hole.
Site Admin - Ray
With all due respect, Mr. Chang, I have explained to you on several occasions, and even THREE times through the private messaging system, I cannot just randomly choose a girl from the site and tell her to come over so that I can eat her pussy and fuck her. It just doesn't work that way. The model and I both need to discuss her schedule, as well as her availability because many of these girls have day jobs, or perhaps kids, a relationship with a significant other, errands to run throughout the day, etc. The model and I also need to discuss her comfort level in terms of what she is comfortable doing and not doing. However, the next time Abbie and I shoot, and that is if we even shoot again, I will speak with her about this. The models are all very different regarding the scenes that I shoot. Some are more than happy to do them, some choose not to do them. You should be able to understand this, Mr. Chang.
She got some nice tits and a fine ass pussy. Shiiit. I would tear dat pussy UP!
Abbie is beautiful.
Hey Ray. I know that Amy sucked your cock and let you cum in her mouth. Any chance that we can see you fucking Amy and Abbie at the same time?
Site Admin - Ray
Thank you for the comment, Nino! It has been a while since I last spoke with Amy and Abbie. I don't remember what happened - just lost touch but on good terms. I would gladly shoot them both again. I am not sure about the hardcore, but if I ever speak with Abbie and Amy again, I can always ask them. If they're down with it, that would be absolutely great. And if not, no problem - we can always shoot more modeling. They are both beautiful girls, very friendly, and I enjoyed shooting them.
hot modeling pics. i would love to try this sometime.