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Greetings! Welcome to another update from True Amateur Models! Would you like to see some high-resolution modeling pictures of the amateur soccer mom, Kay Lee, striking off a bunch of nude poses with one of my electric guitars? Kay Lee specifically requested that I shoot these pictures for her so that she could have some hot content to put up on her Onlyfans page - (we are sharing the rights to the content) - and we both hope that you enjoy this set of nude modeling pictures! There are not quite as many spread-shot pictures in this particular gallery, but there are still several very good ones. The only reason why there are not more like that is because these were pictures that I was shooting for Kay Lee, but she wanted me to also include the content on the True Amateur Models site. So yeah, I hope that you all enjoy these homemade and extremely amateur, but on the other hand - high-resolution and very clear-quality, nude modeling pictures of Kay Lee! In this set of photos, you will see Kay Lee posing with a flower. I remember, she really wanted some pictures of that flower in her hand, and she also held it down towards her hairy bush while pulling her panties out to expose that soccer mom and mature pussy! Oh yeah, and she also stuck the flower up her ass. I mean, hell - I just let Kay Lee do whatever she wanted, really - and if ya ask me, the pictures turned out looking great! ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ‘

How do you guys like the girls modeling with my electric guitars? I think those are pretty hot pics. It just adds a bit to the modeling shoot as opposed to simply having the girl undress, get into different poses, and spread apart her legs. And of course, there's certainly nothing at all wrong with any of that, but sometimes I like to mix things up a bit - you know, do something a little different. So yeah, I hope that you all enjoy the guitar pics! You can also see guitar shots with a few of the other models - Blanka, Tifa Quinn, Skylar, Violet, etc - and speaking of Tifa Quinn, she also has a hot video that features the guitar, and even if you have seen the video, check it out again! My baby girl loves that particular video - and I do too. However, this time around, you will see Kay Lee posing with that guitar! Kay Lee also tried on a few different outfits, so the set is a pretty mixed set of pictures. She also played around with my weed pipe and stuck it up her butt. And yes, after she took off from the shoot, I fired that bowl up and smoked it! Have you ever smoked a bowl along with the smell of a soccer mom's asshole rising into your nostrils? Hell, I was getting stoned, along with that thick dick becoming harder and harder with every hit. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘

With this update, I am uploading nearly 300 amateur nude modeling pictures of the soccer mom, Kay Lee, striking off a bunch of sexy modeling poses. Be sure to check back for the next update because it will be with a different girl. I am not entirely sure if the update will consist of a video or a set of photos, but either way, you will see a different girl for the next update. However, as far as Kay Lee - I sure hope that you all enjoy the content that we both created together and be sure to check out her videos if you have not done so yet! Kay Lee has some hot videos, and also - her previous photo sets from when she came down a few years ago to shoot with me! As of now, Kay Lee has a total amount of 1,579 pictures, 2 hardcore fuck videos, as well as fuck photos and a nude modeling video! Kay Lee always has such a good time when she comes over to the house to shoot and I am looking forward to shooting some more nude modeling pictures of her - as well as sticking my dick back inside of that Kentucky bush - and perhaps the next time, I will cum inside of it again and give her another soccer mommy creampie. ๐Ÿ˜€

I always keep this website updated on a very regular basis so be sure to continue logging in to see the next update and I will see you all very soon!

Ray Edwards

Welcome to another update from True Amateur Models! With this update, we have the 2nd video of the MARRIED soccer mom, Kay Lee, having her pussy licked and fingered, a sex toy inserted inside of her vagina - she wanted me to stick it in her pussy and fuck it with my hand - and of course, there's also fucking, as well as some kissing and making out. And at the end of the video, you will see Kay Lee squeezing and yanking on that dick, as well as me jerking off overtop of her face so that I could drip the semen on top of her soccer mom glasses! I'll tell ya one damn thing, Kay Lee, a living-off-the-land, Kentucky mountain soccer mom - sure knows how to grab onto a cock and start stroking it! I like it when she squirts the lube on it and squeezes the tip of my dick. That sure feels good. And of course, jerking and squeezing the shaft of the dick is also nice. You will also see Kay Lee inserting that dick inside of her mouth so that she can suck on it. It sure was nice looking down and seeing those glasses resting upon her happy and smiling face at the precise moment my dick was sliding in and out of her mouth while she continued to suck on it. There is also a bit of making out and kissing in the video. You guys know how much I love to kiss the girls, so I always try and include that in my videos, including having the kissing and making out in the image sets too. ๐Ÿฅฐโค๏ธ

The video is a little bit dark though. I suppose the lighting wasn't close enough, but the next time, I will make sure that the video is bright enough. I mean, it's not a bad video, but I was a little surprised when I reviewed it and it was a bit too dark. However, I hope that you all still enjoy watching it! And as I mentioned, the next video will look better in terms of the lighting conditions. One of the first things that Kay Lee asked me to do was to push her dildo inside of her pussy so that I could use my hand to fuck it. And of course, before pushing the dildo inside of her vagina, I licked all over it so that I could lube that mature pussy up before hand-fucking it! As you will see in the video, Kay Lee also jerked my dick, so you will also see a little bit of handjob action going on, and the thing is - she wanted me to cum on top of her glasses, so after she jerked it for a while, I just took over and masturbated my cock overtop of her face so that I could give her a cumshot facial! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

I have some amateur nude modeling pictures of Kay Lee that I took when she was over at the house, so I will be putting those up on the site very soon - in just a couple of days. I also have another model that I am going to be shooting soon, so be sure to watch out for more new girls coming! I just wanted to go ahead and add this Kay Lee video to the site since it's ready to go, but other than the pics that I will be uploading in a couple of days, the update after that will be with a different model so be sure to continue checking back!

I always keep the True Amateur Models site updated on a regular basis so be sure to continue logging in to see the next update and I will see you all very soon!

Ray Edwards

Greetings! Welcome to another update from True Amateur Models! With this update, I am uploading the pictures that I took of the soccer mom, Kay Lee, down on her knees and sucking on my dick, as well as her hairy bush getting fucked from behind just as soon as she bent over the side of my bed! As you all know, the hardcore image sets are a bit different than the modeling sets. In the modeling sets, you will easily find hundreds of high-resolution images of the girls modeling nude, but the hardcore image sets are typically smaller - mainly since there is no reason to have hundreds of dick-sucking pics, you know? But I'll tell ya one thing, we sure do have some high-resolution, crystal clear, and extreme close-up shots of that hard dick sliding right inside of that soccer mom's mouth, don't we?

And Kay Lee loves it when she is down on her knees so that she can pull out that cock and suck on it! We also have some nice shots of my dick thrusting in and out of Kay's hairy bush too! Do ya like a woman with a natural pussy? I sure do, but I certainly don't mind trimmed or shaved. And as you all know, I specialize in shooting all three - shaved pussies, trimmed-up pussies, and those all-natural and hairy pussies, so there is something for everyone! This mature soccer mom started the shoot off by sitting with me on the side of the bed, we snapped off a few selfies, I started kissing her, and then she proceeded to get down onto her knees so that she could pull my cock out from underneath my gym shorts and insert inside of her mouth to suck on it.

I stood above her shooting the pictures of my dick continuing to slide right inside of that mouth, over and over, and over again. You'll also find plenty of SUPER-CLOSEUP images of Kay Lee sucking that cock in all sorts of ways, and after shooting some pics of the dick-sucking action, Kay Lee bent over the bed and I stuck my dick right inside of her MARRIED BUSH and started fucking it! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘

So yeah we have some hardcore fuck pics in the set as well. And good god almighty, I could have blown a nut right inside of that mature mouth, but I wanted to fuck that bush, which by the way, smelled strong and was making me horny as fuck - so I held off so that we could have some nice fuck pics to enjoy! As you will see in the images contained in this set, Kay Lee had some type of Green outfit on - sexy looking - and once she slid the section of the outfit between her legs directly over to the side, I inserted my cock inside of her pussy and just continued shooting the fuck pics - POV style.

And of course, we also have some cumshot pictures at the end of the image set showing the semen that squirted right onto that Green outfit that Kay was wearing during the fuck scene! And on a side note, Kay and I also recorded another video of her sucking my dick and getting fucked, as well as when I pulled my dick out of her pussy and jerked off across her glasses! Be sure to watch out for the cumshot-on-the-glasses video too! But yeah, we had a great time during her little vacation down here from the Kentucky mountains and we certainly hope that you all enjoy this photo set, as well as Kay's sex video that I uploaded for the last update!

I always keep this site updated regularly, other than recently - (info in the blog) - but be sure to continue logging in for the next update, which will be coming soon - as well as to see the hundreds of amateur girls that I have done shoots with over the last 20 years! I will see you all very soon with the next update and I hope that you all enjoy the Kay Lee hardcore photo set!

Ray Edwards

Greetings! Welcome to another update from True Amateur Models! First, I sincerely apologize for being so late with the update. There were some things that I needed to work out with the host regarding the server, but the site was always fine. I could not log in to my server to upload files, but we figured everything out. There was also a model that I was planning on shooting that did not make it to the shoot, which rarely happens, but it does from time to time. However, everything is back on track now and I just finished shooting a few videos and some pics of the MILF from Kentucky, Kay Lee! She drove down from Kentucky to shoot with me some more and we had a great time for a few days! We recorded a lot of content and I am updating the site tonight with her first sex video! And of course, there are other models that want to shoot too, so be sure to continue watching out for them - coming soon!

With this update, I am uploading a video of the Kentucky housewife, Kay Lee, showing off her hairy pussy, laying back on the bed so that I could eat that bush as well as her ass, and we also have some hardcore fucking going on, as well as a lot of dick-sucking action! I did not bust my nut inside of her hairy pussy again, but I did blow a load right across her asshole! It sure felt good to jerk that dick as I was looking down at that housewife asshole. And of course, Kay Lee's pussy always feels good to fuck with my dick. And will ya take a look at that dick-sucking? I mean, damn - this mature housewife sure knows how to suck on that cock, doesn't she? Hell, I could have easily just blown my load all up inside of her mouth, but I wanted to fuck that housewife bush, so I just held off so that I could insert my cock inside of that hairy vagina and fuck it. I hope that you all enjoy watching the video - and be sure to leave comments if you would like to express your thoughts on the video!

Kay Lee and I recorded a few videos, and there is also a fuck photo set too! So watch out for the fuck pics! I have more videos of Kay Lee that I will be going through and editing, so be sure to continue watching for the other videos, as well as the hardcore pics, which I will be uploading very soon! And of course, be sure to continue watching out for other girls, coming soon!

I always update the True Amateur Models site on a very regular basis. What happened recently (site not updated in a few weeks) has never happened since I launched the site nearly 20 years ago. So yes, this was just something out of the ordinary, so please do continue checking back for the new update and I will see you all very soon!

Ray Edwards