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I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be updating the site soon as I have a model coming in to shoot on Saturday. I also have a brand new model - with a very young, petite, and tiny type of look - that I am shooting at the end of the month. I KNOW FOR A FACT that you are all going to really like her a lot! I also wanted to bring to your attention the fact that the updates have been just a bit slower than usual. There's really no particular reason other than I had a couple of girls flake on me and not show up to the shoot - which actually, very rarely happens, but it does happen sometimes - especially when dealing with girls as amateur and inexperienced as most of the girls that I shoot are. But don't worry - I will honestly try and update as often as I can. Thank you for being a subscriber of the site, and be sure to watch out for the next update - coming soon!

Ray Edwards

Welcome to another update from True Amateur Models! We have another new model on the site and her name is Patriot! She is 32 years old and she works over at one of the sports bars not too far away. I took a cruise over to the bar the other night to order some food and a couple of drinks, and Patriot turned out to be my waitress and bartender. The one thing that I quickly picked up on when I first met her was that she loves to talk to people - and that's pretty cool because I am the same way. I really wasn't thinking about shooting a model that night, but was rather just shooting the shit with a few of the customers in the bar and talking to Patriot. We talked for quite a long time that night because I was in the mood to just hang out, have a couple of drinks, and eat some really good food. Patriot and I both started discussing her employment at the sports bar, and she told me that she really liked her job a lot.

As the evening progressed, and the bar was about to close, I was still in the mood to hang out! I just figured, what the hell? Why not ask Patriot if she'd like to go over to the house and continue hanging out for a bit longer? I mean, she had just finished telling me that she always stays up late anyway. Hell, we could even shoot off some modeling pics, just to see how it goes, and if she wants some dick after she does her modeling, I'll give her a good fuck and shoot off some pictures of my dick sliding all up inside of her pussy.

But yeah, we had a great shoot, other than the fact that ....I DROPPED AND BROKE MY FUCKING CAMERA! This has never happened to me before, and this is after doing - (literally speaking) - thousands of shoots with girls. So yeah, it was indeed a bit upsetting because Patriot had just told me that she wanted to shoot the modeling and have the pictures up on the site. But luckily, I was able to find a backup camera in my closet, so I was able to shoot off some content. The only thing is that even though I found the backup camera and was able to shoot off some pics, I didn't locate the camera until much later, and I had already fucked Patriot three times before we started shooting because we started fucking fairly soon after arriving back at the house. I just figured I'd shoot some hardcore pics later in the evening since I was planning on fucking her a couple of more times. And we did - but unfortunately, that's when the damn camera fell out of my hand and dropped right the fuck onto the hardwood floor.

Oh well - I guess shit happens sometimes, but the good thing is that at least I was able to shoot off some modeling pictures, and also - the hardcore pictures. However, I would have shot many more pics if the camera had not broken, but Patriot had a fantastic time that night and she really wants to come back over to do some more shooting so that she can have some more content on the site, so that's cool. And obviously, there are many other models that want to shoot as well, so be sure to watch out for them coming soon!

I always keep the True Amateur Models site updated regularly and on an ongoing basis so be sure to continue logging in for the next update and I will see you all very soon!

Ray Edwards

Welcome to another update from True Amateur Models! With this update, we have a modeling video of Selena! She has never had a modeling video on the site before, so when we were together the other day, I broke out the video camcorder and asked her if she'd like to do a modeling video! And of course, Selena was totally down with striking off all of those sexy poses and positions on video - just like she does in her modeling photos. I have plenty of other models that want to shoot, so even though I updated with Selena not too long ago, I am planning on shooting a new model very soon so be sure to watch out! And of course, I also have a lot of girls that I have already shot that want to shoot again, so be sure to watch out for more of them coming too! But yeah, Selena does fantastic with her modeling poses in this video! And as you all know, there are plenty of super close-up shots too, and from many different camera angles. The video resolution is high-definition, and in terms of the video length, the video runs for a little over 8 minutes. I mean, it's a modeling clip, so I guess that's okay, but I would rather the video be longer, so the next time I record a video, I am going to record for a longer period of time so that I can make the video length longer. I hope that you all enjoy watching Selena's modeling video - and I am sure that you will because it is a super hot video!

The video starts off with Selena talking a little bit about herself, and then she removes her shirt to show off her big breasts! Of course, we cannot forget about those ass-spread shots either, so there are plenty of camera angles and views of Selena bending over on the bed and spreading apart her ass to show you her asshole. There are also plenty of views, which consist of various camera angles of Selena's natural and hairy bush! Do you like a woman with a bush down below? If you do, you cannot go wrong with Selena's modeling video, because let me tell you - Selena has a beautiful bush! I am sure that you will greatly enjoy viewing the various camera shots of that warm and pretty vagina - and all in crystal clear and high-definition quality, but on the other hand - extremely amateur and homemade at the same time! And for the newer members who may not have had a chance to view all of Selena's modeling photos, be sure to check them out because she has a decent amount of content on the site - and super hot pictures, including blowjob pics, handjob pics- and fuck pics too.

Be sure to continue checking back with the site because I always update it on a very regular basis and I will see you all very soon with the next update!

Ray Edwards

Alyse Model Update - 08/23/2023
08/23/2023 10:55am
Welcome to another update from True Amateur Models! With this update, I am uploading a video and a photo set, and the model is the sexy babe - Alyse! She called me the other day asking if she could swing by to hang out for a little while. I was just getting ready to start the movie that I had been planning on watching, so I figured I'd wait until Alyse arrived so that we could both spend time together and check out the flick on the television. Approximately 15 minutes into the movie, she was leaning up against me and I was holding her with my arm around her. We never did end up finishing that movie, but that's okay with me because Alyse and I ended up in the back bedroom for some hot fucking! Hell, I'll take a piece of juicy pussy over a damn horror movie any day, you know?

But yeah, the video is nice quality ...and it starts off with Alyse sitting on the bed, talking a little bit about herself and the video. She then gets down onto her knees and inserts my dick inside her mouth. Good God, it sure feels good when my little friend puts my cock inside her mouth. I could have easily blown my load right then and there, but I held off because I wanted to give Alyse a real good fuck from behind - I mean, after all, she had just told me that she likes doggy-style sex while we were watching the movie. Um, I'm sorry - but if you're a young, pretty girl and we are both watching a movie together in the dark, along with you leaning up against me ...telling me that you enjoy doggy-style sex, my dick is going to be sliding all up inside of you. Do you know what I'm saying? lol

But yeah, I think that you will all enjoy the video, and be sure to check out Alyse's modeling photo set too! She sure does have some hot and sexy pics of her getting into all of those poses and positions! And of course, and as always - we also have plenty of those super CLOSEUP shots! I sure like shooting pics of Alyse's chunky ass. And it's also nice to have her pull her pants down, bend all the way over, and spread her butt cheeks with her hands so that I can lick and suck on her asshole. Hell yeah, Alyse has a wicked ass, and also - a super cute face too. Actually, just my type of girl, but of course, I also like other types too. I don't know. I just like Alyse's look, and it was also nice squirting my semen deep inside her pussy at the precise moment that I was looking down over her shoulder at her pretty face. I really want to fuck Alyse again. And she's cool with me just shooting my load inside her pussy! Of course, she also does very well with amateur modeling, so I definitely want to shoot more modeling pics of her as well.

I always update this site on a very regular and ongoing basis - even though it's just a bit late right now - but please do continue logging in to check out the next update and I will see you all very soon!

Ray Edwards