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Models / Violet Spice Model

Avg Rating: 5.0

Violet Spice Model Vital Stats:
Height:  5" 01
Age:  23
Employment:  Telemarketing Representative
Location:  Palm Harbor, FL

My name is Violet Spice and I am 23 years old. My friend Jennifer called me the other day asking if I would like to go to a concert. Jennifer loves going to concerts to check out different bands. She's just really into music! I have seen her at shows and she definitely knows how to have a good time! She told me about a guy named Ray Edwards that plays guitar and that he has played in several bands. I wanted to meet him because I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Jennifer told me that she could take me over to Ray's house and that he would show me a few things on the guitar. She also told me about his modeling website! Well now, that was interesting to me, because not only have I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but I have also wanted to model nude! I just think it would be sexy to have pictures of myself like that. I have taken selfies in the nude at home, and I showed them to my ex-boyfriend back when we were dating, but he is the only guy that has ever seen nude pics of me. I mean, the pics actually kinda sucked a little bit anyway cause they were taken with my phone. They were ok pics, but really nothing at all compared to the pics that Ray shoots at his modeling shoots! Ray brought the guitar out of the guitar case and he told me that he would be happy to show me a few things on the guitar. He has several guitars, but I really liked the white guitar so I asked Jennifer if she could take some pics of Ray and me together with the guitar. Those pics are going to be uploaded soon, so be sure to watch out for them! Although I will say that when Ray was showing me the guitar chords, and explaining the different guitar-playing techniques, I kept thinking about the scenes that he does on the website! I just finished up with the modeling shoot, and I had a fantastic time, but with Ray sitting next to me on the bed holding my hands to show me how to correctly play the guitar chords, and after just stripping down completely nude and getting into all these poses over the last two to three hours, I was starting to get kinda horny! I asked Ray after about 15 minutes of him showing me the guitar if we could do some more shooting, but that I wanted to shoot something other than the modeling! It looks like my guitar lesson turned into something completely different! The shoot was really cool though and I am looking forward to shooting again real soon!

Violet Spice Model Updates

Violet S. Modeling Gallery #2
Violet Spice Model
Here is the 2nd modeling photo set of Violet! Watch as she removes that Green tank top shirt in order to expose her natural breasts, which I might add is a set of very beautiful breasts too! And of course, you will see her striking off a bunch of modeling poses and positions as well! How do you guys...

Tags: Brunettes Hairy Ass Shaved Pussy Upskirts
Violet S. Handjob Gallery #1
Violet Spice Model
Violet S. wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but it looks like her guitar session turned into a handjob session! Violet has given a couple of handjobs in the past to her ex-boyfriends, but she has never been on a site giving a handjob and having the cum squirt directly onto her bare chest! As you...

Tags: Brunettes Handjob
Violet S. Modeling Gallery #1
Violet Spice Model
Welcome Violet S. to True Amateur Models! Violet is a very amateur chick that is 23 years old. This amateur and glasses-wearing chick has never done anything even close to nude modeling in the past other than shooting off a few low-quality pics with her phone for her ex-boyfriend, so this modeling shoot...

Tags: Brunettes Glasses Hairy Ass Shaved Pussy


What a cute girl and a great set of pics! I hope that you are able to shoot many more sets of her. The pics of her modeling with the electric guitar are awesome!
Alex W.
Hey Ray, Alex here. :) Just wanted to mention that those are some awesome guitar pics! I must say though, you ought to use that Black BC Rich Bass guitar more often in the pics. I saw the model "Skyler" posing with it. That's an awesome bass guitar!
Scott Phillips
Cool pics.
Lee Martinez
Love her cute feet
Jacob Myers
Very cute girl. She also gives a nice handjob too.
randy from new york
i like beating off and looking at her asshole. i would give anything to fuck that ass and cum in it.
I like the dick pics! I've fingered myself plenty of times looking at them. She is also good at her modeling too.
hot pics. i love violet.