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Models / Selena Lust Model

Avg Rating: 4.0

Selena Lust Model Vital Stats:
Height:  5 '04
Age:  24
Employment:  Seafood Restaurant Employee - Waitress
Location:  Brooksville, Florida

Hello to the members of True Amateur Models! My name is Selena and I am 24 years old. I've never done anything like this before, so I am very amateur when it comes to nude modeling. I work as a waitress at a restaurant in Brooksville, Florida. You may be wondering how I ended up modeling nude so here goes an explanation of how I became a model for the True Amateur Models site! A couple of nights ago, I was scheduled to work at the seafood restaurant. I have been working there now for 6 months and I love my job! It was around 8:00 PM and I noticed a few girls walk in through the door with a guy. They all sat down at one of the tables and I was the waitress assigned to their table. I walked over to introduce myself and handed out the menus. I remember, the guy at the table, Ray Edwards, ordered a few drinks and some appetizers for everyone. Nothing really seemed out of the ordinary, and after about 5 minutes, I walked back over to the table to serve the drinks and appetizers. One of the girls at the table kept asking Ray if she could see her pictures. I really didn't think anything about it at the time and just proceeded to take their orders so that I could take the information back to the kitchen. However, when I left the kitchen and was walking over to the table next to their table, I noticed a picture on the phone that the girl was holding - and it was a NUDE picture of her spreading her legs! LMFAO! At first, it just seemed a little funny, but then I started thinking to myself, how should I handle this situation as an employee? I walked into the kitchen and told Mark, the evening shift cook. He just told me to ignore it and that it's really none of my business anyways, but I didn't want any of the customers at the nearby tables to accidentally see the pictures on the phone! What am I going to say to Ray and the girls? I felt myself becoming quite nervous. When I walked back out to bring the food, and as I was walking towards their table, I heard Ray say to one of the girls - No sweetheart. We really shouldn't be looking at the pictures right now because someone might walk by and see them and become offended. Boy, that sure made me feel a lot better! And the girl was very understanding and agreed with Ray. I really respected the fact that he told her that because now, I would not need to speak with them about it! However, I wanted to know more about it because I've always wanted to do a nude modeling shoot myself! How was I going to ask about it? When I walked back over to their table to check up on them, one of the girls was talking to Ray about the modeling ...and she was talking to him about it right in front of me! I mean, don't get me wrong. I wasn't trying to be all up in their business, but working as a waitress, sometimes you walk up to the customer's conversations. There's really no way around that, but I do try and mind my own business. But on the other hand, this was my opportunity to find out more info! I just came right out and asked him about it. I remember, he was very friendly, and the girls all seemed really sweet too. Ray gave me his phone number and I called him the next day. A couple of days later, I was doing my own shoot! I hope that you all like my pictures! Ray and I also shot "other types" of pictures too so be sure to watch out for them coming soon! I am planning on doing a lot more, but since this was my first time, I just did what I felt comfortable doing and Ray was a pleasure to get to know, as well as to shoot with! Be sure to watch out for more content coming from me! I also noticed that the members can even leave comments on the model's pictures, so please everyone, leave comments because I would love to read them!

Selena Lust Model Updates

Selena Lust Model HD Video - Homemade Nude Modeling
Selena Lust Model
We have all seen the photos of Selena modeling nude, and we have also seen her blowjob pictures, fuck pictures, as well as her blowjob video - but there has never been a modeling video of Selena. That is - until she dropped by the house the other day. In this video, you will see Selena displaying her...

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Would you like to see this cute Asian babe sucking on my cock and receiving my dick inside of her pussy as I slide it deep inside of her hairy bush? When Selena was over at the house on this particular day, we just figured we would mess around and shoot off some random and fun pics. The reason why there...

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Selena Lust Modeling Gallery #4
Selena Lust Model
I created an entry into the blog the other day letting you all know why the update is late as I had to travel out of state for a couple of weeks and was unable to shoot. However, I am back now and am currently speaking with some girls about shooting, so be sure to watch out for the next update, which...

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Selena Lust Model HD Video - Blowjob And Cum In Mouth
Selena Lust Model
Selena has some pictures of her giving a handjob on the site, but how would you like to see a video of her sucking my cock? She told me that it was cool if I just shot my load inside of her mouth, so I just relaxed on the bed and allowed the semen to squirt right inside of her mouth as she continued...

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Selena Lust Modeling Gallery #3
Selena Lust Model
Check out these new pictures that I took the other day of Selena when she dropped by the house! You will also notice that in these particular pictures, Selena's pussy is very natural and hairy! I mean, she has a complete and total full bush! So yeah, for the guys out there that like the hairy pussy type...

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Selena Lust Model
Would you like to see some more high-resolution pictures of this sexy Asian babe modeling nude? This is the second set of modeling pictures of Selena, and just as with her first set, she does fantastically well with getting into all of the poses and positions! Watch her strip out of those white shorts...

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Selena Lust Model
Wanna watch Selena squeezing and stroking all over an erect cock in front of her pretty face? Boy, I'll tell ya one thing. She sure squeezed the cum right out of that hard dick - and it also splattered all across her chest! Selena and I are planning on doing other types of scenes, but since this was...

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Selena Lust Modeling Gallery #1
Selena Lust Model
Welcome, Selena to True Amateur Models! I was out the other night up in Brooksville, FL with a few of the girls from the site, and we were all eating dinner and having a few drinks at a seafood restaurant. This cute Asian chick, Selena, just so happened to be the waitress that took down our orders. Selena...

Tags: Asian Brunettes Busty Shaved Pussy


Frank Jenkins
Selena is sexy! What a cute amateur model. Thanks for shooting her!
Bert Thompson
Asian women are sexy as hell. Nice pics!
She sure looks like a happy girl with that big hard cock beside her face.
selena is very hot.
Peter Reynolds
Great pics of Selena! I especially like the hairy pussy!
Jessica Wilshire
I don't care if my boyfriend finds out about it or not, but I want that cock. Selena is very beautiful and you both have super hot pics!
New York - Brian Peterson
I love her blowjob photos and video. She also has nice modeling photos too.
she has great poses in the model video.