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Models / Elana Bunnz Model

Avg Rating: 5.0

Elana Bunnz Model Vital Stats:
Height:  5 '04
Age:  28
Employment:  Car Dealership Receptionist
Location:  Miami, FL

Hi guys! My name is Elana Bunnz and I am so happy to be on the site! The shoot was a lot of fun! A little information about me - I am 28 years old , I live in Miami, Florida and I work as a receptionist at a car dealership. My hobbies are reading various types of books and I also enjoy riding my bicycle in the mornings. It's a great way to start off your day if you have the time. And of course, I also enjoy going to the beach and hanging out with friends! We have been getting quite a bit of rain here in Florida over the last several days since it's our rainy season, and I remember just the other day, the sun was actually shining so bright, so I figured I'd ask my friend if she would like to go the beach! I was up from Miami visiting her in the Tampa area for a few days. Of course, the rain came later in the day, but we did get to hang out at the beach for a few hours so that was cool. My friend and I were both laying out when we noticed a guy walk by. There wasn't anything out of the ordinary about that, but the guy was really looking at the both of us. I mean, he didn't creep me out or anything like that, but he was kinda like staring at us. I told my friend about the guy and she looked over and YELLED at him - why don't you take a picture? It will last longer" or something to that effect. And OH MY GOD! That's when he started walking over towards the both of us. I was like - What the fuck did you just do idiot? Now the guy is coming over to us! God, you can be such a dumbass sometimes - and I really did say those exact words. lol. But anyway, when Ray came over to the both of us, my friend smiled and told him that she was just playing. He was very cool about everything and just sat down beside us and we all just started talking to each other. It was fun kicking it with him. The hilarious thing about this entire situation though is that once we found out that Ray was actually a model photographer, my jaw almost hit the sand! I was like, are you freaking serious? I mean, my friend had just told him to take a picture because it would last longer - and then we find out that he's a nude model photographer? What were the chances of that happening? My friend wasn't interested in modeling for the site. However, I really wanted to try it out because modeling is actually something that I've always wanted to do, but I didn't know any model photographers - that is until I met Ray! I hope that you all enjoy my amateur nude modeling photos, and be sure to check out my handjob photos too! I am totally down with doing other porn scenes with Ray, but he lives near the Tampa area and I live in Miami, but I am sure that we will hook up again at some point in time soon.

Elana Bunnz Model Updates

Elana Bunnz HD Model Video - POV Blowjob With Cum In Mouth
Elana Bunnz Model
How did you all like those blowjob pictures from Elana? Would you like to see her sucking cock on video? If you ask me, this is my best video, quality-wise as well as the professionalism of the entire presentation. You will notice that the video begins with a very professional intro, and the quality...

Tags: Blondes Oral Tattoos
Elana Bunnz Modeling Gallery #4
Elana Bunnz Model
Check out these new pictures of Elana Bunnz modeling nude in the 4th modeling gallery! I updated the site just a few minutes ago with her 3rd modeling gallery, but I wanted to add more for all of you to enjoy since both of the sets are smaller than my other modeling sets, so I hope that you enjoy looking...

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Elana Bunnz Modeling Gallery #3
Elana Bunnz Model
Check out these new modeling pictures of the beauty queen, Elana Bunnz! Isn't she so adorable and sexy? These are pictures that were taken on the day she came over to suck my cock. So yeah, now Elana has some nice dick-sucking pictures on the True Amateur Models website! I hope that you all enjoyed looking...

Tags: Blondes Busty Shaved Pussy Tattoos
Elana Bunnz Blowjob Gallery #1
Elana Bunnz Model
Elana came back by the other day to do some more nude modeling, and this time around, she ended up giving me a blowjob and I squirted my cum directly inside of her mouth! Boy, I'll tell ya, this beauty queen sure knows how to suck on a cock! I am also going to be putting up her new modeling pictures...

Tags: Blondes Oral Tattoos
Elana Bunnz Modeling Gallery #2
Elana Bunnz Model
Here are some additional images of the hot and sexy blonde babe Elana Bunnz! Of course, she also has her first modeling gallery and her handjob set too, so if you have not already seen those sets, be sure to check them out! This is Elana's second modeling set, and just like her first set, there are a...

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Elana Bunnz Modeling Gallery #1
Elana Bunnz Model
Welcome Elana to True Amateur Models! This sexy blonde chick is 28 years old and I established contact with her over at the beach the other day. It was actually quite funny how we both met too. She was hanging out and laying out in the sun with her friend, and as I was walking around the beach, I noticed...

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Elana Bunnz Handjob Gallery #1
Elana Bunnz Model
Wanna watch this sexy blonde chick stroking a cock? Elana did very well with the amateur nude modeling, and it sure was nice shooting the pictures of her getting into all of the nude modeling poses and positions, but it was also nice shooting the pictures of her looking up at the camera - along with...

Tags: Blondes Handjob Mature Tattoos


Elana is a smoking hot babe! She has good modeling pics too. Maybe the next time, you can record a video of her. I would like to see that.
The handjob pics are great. So clear and high res pics. I've masturbated plenty of times, imagining in my mind that she was yanking and jerking on my cock. Don't take this the wrong way, Ray. I am a straight male, in my mid-thirties and I have never in my life been sexually attracted to males, but I have to say that you really do have a nice dick bro. Keep up the good work man! Elana is so fine, sexy, and hot!
She is one fine woman. That's for sure.
18 yr old - Jessica
Dang! That's what I call a nice cock! I would love to suck on it and make it cum. hehe
Thank you for shooting Elana again! I was looking forward to seeing more from her. And speaking of seeing more, you sure delivered! I absolutely love her blowjob video!
Elana is beautiful. I can see why she was in Playboy magazine.
Mr. Chang - The Chinese Restaurant Manager
Elana is perfect woman. I have really sexy dream 2 nights ago of putting penis inside her. I bet she make me cum in 20 seconds if she just touch it with hand.