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Models / Eden West Model

Avg Rating: 4.8

Eden West Model Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 03
Age:  21
Employment:  Certified Nursing Assistant
Location:  New Port Richey, Florida

What's up? My name is Eden and I am 21 years old. I live in Pasco County, Florida. And guess what? Ray Edwards and I actually live in the same neighborhood! Ain't that something? In fact, that was actually how we met each other. I like taking care of my body, and I am always watching what I eat because I want to maintain the shape of my body so I go jogging around the neighborhood every morning. The other morning, I was out jogging and I saw Ray walking down the street. I had forgotten to take my iPhone with me, and since I had already been out jogging for about an hour, I wanted to know how much time I had before heading back home to get ready for work. I noticed this guy walking with his phone, and it looked like he was listening to music cause he had earbuds in his ears. As I was jogging up to him, I noticed that he was smiling at me, so I stopped to ask him if he could please tell me what time it was. I hadn't had my shower yet, and I always take a shower every morning before heading out to work, so I needed to know how much time I had left before heading back home. Ray and I were a good 20 minutes away from our neighborhood, and once he stopped walking, stopped the music, and gave me the time, he asked me if it would be cool if he walked with me back to the neighborhood since we both found out that we lived so close to one another. He told me that he was walking back home from the convenience store and that he would like to have someone to talk to on the way back to his house. We were both going in the same direction so I told him that it would be nice to walk together. I am so used to having my phone, and when I am without it, I sometimes get bored, so I thought it would be nice to have someone to hang out with on the way back anyways. While Ray and I were walking, that's when I found out about his website! I remember telling him that I hope that I am not going to be late for work and that's when he asked me what type of work I do. After we discussed my job a little, I asked him the same question. I couldn't believe that he worked in porn and that he shoots girls modeling nude! I was all like - that's pretty interesting! He told me that I was very cute and that he would love to do a shoot with me if I was interested. I literally BUST MY ASS taking care of myself, as well as watching what I eat so that I can keep a nice body shape, so why not show it off? I was instantly interested after viewing the website. And the fact that Ray is so professional and has taken pictures and videos of so many girls, I just thought - this guy is definitely the real deal because let me tell you, I would never just let any random man off the street shoot nude pictures of me. That's for damn sure, but with Ray, I completely trusted him and felt very comfortable with the situation. He was very friendly and we really hit it off extremely well with each other! The shoot turned out to be a great experience and I hope that you all enjoy my modeling pictures! After getting to know him a little more over the next few days, and on my next day off from work, I walked over to his house to see what he was up to and I ended up sucking his dick and doing a blowjob video! LOL! I mean, I am not a slut or anything like that, but after seeing all of those blowjob pictures on his website, I must admit, I wanted that cock in my mouth! He told me that he is going to upload the video soon, so be sure to watch out for it coming! I am also interested in doing a lot more than blowjobs too, so be sure to watch out for other types of videos coming! Thank's for reading my profile here and I hope that you all enjoy my modeling pictures as well as the blowjob video too!

Eden West Model Updates

Eden West Modeling Gallery #4
Eden West Model
I had some more pictures of Eden that had not yet been added to the website, so for this update, I figured I'd go ahead and use them - and these are all that I have of her for now. I would have updated with a different model for this update, but the model was unable to make it to the shoot, so we will...

Tags: Brunettes Busty Ebony Freckles
Eden West Hardcore Gallery #2
Eden West Model
I drove over to the local Publix grocery market a few days ago and bumped into Eden at the deli section! We both spoke with each other for a while and then she met me back at the house to do some more nude modeling! And as you can see, she also wanted to get some more of that dick! In this set of high-resolution...

Tags: Brunettes Ebony Freckles Fucking
Eden West Modeling Gallery #3
Eden West Model
Guess who I saw in the Publix supermarket yesterday as I was doing my grocery shopping? Eden was over at the deli section of the store ordering a sub sandwich, and as soon as I tapped her on the shoulder to say hello, she turned around, gave me a big hug and that beautiful smile, and was all like - Hey...

Tags: Brunettes Busty Ebony Freckles
Eden West Modeling Gallery #2
Eden West Model
Would you like to see some more modeling pictures of Eden getting into all of those sexy poses and positions? There are also a bunch of poses of her bending over and spreading apart her tiny ass cheeks, as well as plenty of closeup shots of her adorable face, TIGHT pussy, nice breasts, and many other...

Tags: Brunettes Busty Ebony Freckles
Eden West Hardcore Gallery #1
Eden West Model
Eden swung by the house last night and she told me that she wanted to get fucked so that she could have some hardcore fuck pics on the site! Eden is very TIGHT down below, and she sure knows how to ride a cock very well too. This set of pictures starts off with Eden and me posing together before the...

Tags: Brunettes Ebony Freckles Fucking
Eden West Model HD Video - Cum In Mouth
Eden West Model
As you all know, I recently did a modeling shoot with a brand-new model named Eden, and when Eden contacted me the other day to see if I would like to shoot some more modeling pictures of her, she offered to give me a blowjob since she noticed that so many other girls on the site have content that is...

Tags: Brunettes Ebony Handjob Oral
Eden West Modeling Gallery #1
Eden West Model
Welcome, Eden West to True Amateur Models! I met this beautiful girl while I was walking back home from the convenience store the other day! Eden lives in the same neighborhood as I do, and while she was out doing her morning jog, she had forgotten her iPhone at home, so she stopped jogging and asked...

Tags: Brunettes Busty Ebony Petite


Lee Phillips
Eden is such a delight and she is very beautiful! Great update with the new model! I bet the blowjob video is going to be awesome!
Eden is HOT! She's got some good modeling pics. Those are some banging fuck pics too! Damn bruh, you came all over that fine ass.
Kevin Wilson
Cool bj video.
she needs an anal creampie !! put her in a full nelson anal style
so sexy.
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