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Models / Daisy Bean Model

Avg Rating: 5.0

Daisy Bean Model Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 03
Age:  19
Employment:  Retail Sales
Location:  Port Richey, FL

My name is Daisy Bean and this is how I became a model for True Amateur Models! I really enjoy going to this breakfast restaurant in the mornings, and the other day, I was in there to grab some breakfast before driving over to my retail job to start my work shift. Most of the time, when I go to the restaurant, I do not need to wait and am usually seated pretty much immediately, but this particular morning was different. In other words, they were packed with customers and extremely busy. Based on my prior experiences with going over there to eat, whenever they are that busy, the customers take a seat until they are able to be served. That's how Ray Edwards and I met each other! He was sitting in the seat next to mine, and even though I am a very shy person, my cell phone died on me in the restaurant, and since I had already been waiting for like 10 minutes, I was kinda getting a little bored just sitting there. I noticed this guy sitting next to me, and we started talking about the food and the restaurant. He seemed like a pretty cool guy and all, so I enjoyed talking with him, and when I found out about the modeling, I was totally interested! The only thing with me though is that I am very shy. I cannot even believe that I started the conversation with Ray since I am such a shy person, but I did the modeling shoot and I love my pics! It was interesting looking at those handjob pictures that Ray and I did together. I've never seen pictures of myself with a guy's dick all swinging in front of my face and stuff like that, but I think I did well when it comes to jerking on it and releasing the cum out of it. So yeah, that was a lot of fun too! Well, I hope that you all like my nude modeling pictures, and be sure to watch out for more coming, as well as other types of scenes!

Daisy Bean Model Updates

Daisy Bean Model HD Video - Blowjob And Cum Released In Mouth
Daisy Bean Model
I uploaded some pics of Daisy sucking on my cock a few weeks ago, but how would you like to see a video of her giving a blowjob? Her blowjob scene was really more of a photo-based type of scene, but I figured, why not record it too? The video turned out great, and I had the camcorder set up right beside...

Tags: Blondes Oral Petite Teen
Daisy Bean Modeling Gallery #4
Daisy Bean Model
Watch Daisy pose in her new Yellow bikini! Doesn't she look so cute and adorable? However, the bikini does not stay on for very long because Daisy removes it so that she can show you her sexy nude poses and positions! There are plenty of closeup pictures of her beautiful face, and of course, plenty of...

Tags: Blondes Petite Shaved Pussy Teen
Daisy Bean Modeling Gallery #3
Daisy Bean Model
Welcome, Daisy Bean back to True Amateur Models! I added Daisy's blowjob pictures a few days ago, and this time around, I thought that it would be nice to go ahead and include her brand-new modeling pictures! And don't forget, we still have Daisy's blowjob video coming soon too! However, for the next...

Tags: Blondes Petite Shaved Pussy Teen
Daisy Bean Blowjob Gallery #1
Daisy Bean Model
Welcome, Daisy back to True Amateur Models! And as you can see, this time around, she has a dick in her mouth, as well as a cumshot that I squirted right inside of it! Daisy came back by to do some more modeling, and since she gave me a handjob the last time she dropped by the house, she wanted to do...

Tags: Blondes Handjob Oral Petite
Daisy Bean Modeling Gallery #2
Daisy Bean Model
Check out these new pictures from the last time Daisy swung by to shoot! Doesn't this skinny and petite 19 year old teen look so adorable and cute while she displays those tiny breasts and shows off her TIGHT vagina? I'll tell ya one damn thing. I would EAT THE FUCK out of that pussy - and perhaps the...

Tags: Brunettes Petite Shaved Pussy Teen
Daisy Bean Handjob Gallery #1
Daisy Bean Model
Wanna see this amateur teen with a dick in her hand? Despite the fact that Daisy is so amateur when it comes to nude modeling, she did very well with the modeling poses! She asked me at the shoot - "Hey Ray. I noticed that you have pictures and videos on your site of many girls doing certain types of...

Tags: Brunettes Handjob Petite Teen
Daisy Bean Modeling Gallery #1
Daisy Bean Model
Check out this amateur sweetheart! Her name is Daisy and she is 19 years old. I came into contact with this petite and amateur teen over at the breakfast restaurant! Daisy walked right through the front door and sat down right beside me in one of the seats. When they are busy and packed with customers,...

Tags: Brunettes Petite Shaved Pussy Teen


Richard from Irvine, Calif.
I LOVE Daisy and she is CUTE! The quality of the photos is top-notch! Very crisp, sharp, and LARGE photos! Thank you so much for having this girl on your site!
Karl Fowley
I know that the models on this site are very unknown and that some of them, although not many at all, can be found on a couple of other sites. Any chance that Daisy goes by the name Daisy Bean? Congrats on shooting her Ray! Seriously, Daisy's pics are truly amazing!
Site Admin - Ray
Thank's for the comment! You are indeed correct. Daisy wanted to break into the adult entertainment industry. She shot for True Amateur Models and she also shot for a couple of other sites. However, you cannot find her in many places. That should change though because people seem to like her quite a bit as she has a cute, unique look (very petite and thin) and I think she's going to do very well.
Bodybuilder Guy From Michigan - Joseph
I could easily lift Daisy up above my head and comfortably eat her pussy. She sure is a petite and tiny thing.
Mr. Chang - The Chinese Restaurant Manager
She real small girl, Ray. I bet vagina hole is tight. She also play with the penis good too. It is nice to see large penis beside the young face.
daisy is pretty. she looks like a girl i would hang out with. good hand job pics too.
Daisy is awesome! What a nice photo set update. Ray, these really are some of the best blowjob pics I have ever seen. The quality is so sharp and clear! Looking forward to the sex video!
She is astounding. Would love to see much more of her, both modeling and hardcore.
Jimmy Z.
I love thin and petite girls. Daisy is my favorite girl on here.
Bryan Lombardo
It's a shame that there isn't a hardcore video of you both on here. That would be very hot. I read in the blog that you were both planning on doing the video, but that she relocated to a different state and you were unable to do it. That sucks, but at least we have what we have here. Daisy is beautiful. I hope to see more of her on True Amateur Models.
daisy is so hot. that's all there is to it. great pics ...and i love the bj pics.
I love the BJ pics! Daisy looks so cute with her pajamas on and being down on her knees with your big cock in her mouth.
Gary Henderson
I wish Daisy would take a trip back to Florida and shoot for you again, Ray. She is my favorite model here. That's saying a lot too considering how many girls are on this site!