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Models / Anna K. Model

Avg Rating: 5.0

Anna K. Model Vital Stats:
Height:  5 '01
Age:  28
Employment:  Sephora - Beauty Store
Location:  Miami, FL

My name is Anna K. and my nationality is Ukrainian. I am 28 years old, and even though I do not have a lot of experience having nude pictures taken of me, I was very excited when I met Ray Edwards from the True Amateur Models website and found out that he wanted to do a shoot with me! I love having my picture taken and I am also always messing around with my phone to record different types of videos! My hobbies are traveling around, I like to work out at the gym, and hiking is also a lot of fun too! Ray and I met each other the other day at a restaurant near the beach. The restaurant has a pool table beside the bar and a few video games too. I don't remember the name of the place because I live in Miami and I was up near the Tampa area visiting my friend. She wanted to take me out to eat and then go shopping at the mall. I noticed Ray sitting outside at one of the tables with a couple of girls, and when I walked over to look at the boats in the water, he started talking to me. He invited me and my girlfriend to come over and hang out with them because they were getting ready to play a game of pool and he wanted to know if I would like to join them. They all seemed nice, so my girlfriend and I were all like, why not? I remember when we were playing the game, one of the girls kept asking Ray if she could see her pictures. I didn't know what the heck she was talking about. That is until it was my turn to shoot the ball at the pool table. I walked around the table, and as I was walking behind her, I noticed her looking down at her phone at a picture that had a big dick in front of her face! WTF? LOL! I shot the ball and completely missed the shot because of what I had just witnessed. I asked my girlfriend to meet me in the restroom, and as soon as I told her about it, we both started to laugh hysterically! When we both walked back to the pool table, the girls were talking about doing a shoot. I'm sorry - even though I am the type of person that minds my own business, I just had to know what the hell was going on! I asked them about the "shoot" - and they were all like - you should do a modeling shoot! You're so pretty and I am sure you would do well for the website! I was all like - what website? That's when Ray spoke to me about his modeling shoots and asked me if I would ever consider doing a shoot. I frequently visit the nude beaches in Miami, so I am not afraid to show off my body, so I decided to do my own shoot for the True Amateur Models website! Ray explained everything to me, told me what to bring to the shoot, and how long we would be shooting, After discussing it with him a bit more and talking to the girls about it, I scheduled a time to get together with him! The next day, he picked me up from my girlfriend's house and drove me to the modeling shoot! I also asked him about the "dick in front of the face" picture, and once I found out that he also shoots different types of porn pics and videos, I was also interested in doing that too! I hope that you all like my modeling pictures, as well as my handjob pics - and be sure to keep checking back because I would love to shoot more stuff, including some fuck pics with Ray the next time I am up visiting my friend again!

Anna K. Model Updates

Anna K. Modeling Gallery #2
Anna K. Model
Wanna see some more amateur modeling pictures of this hot blonde Ukrainian babe? Anna only had one modeling gallery on the site, and since I have these additional pictures of her, I figured I'd go ahead and use them for this update. I know that I just recently updated with her, but I have other girls...

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Anna K. Model HD Video - Squeezing Cum Into Hands
Anna K. Model
I uploaded some handjob pictures of Anna squeezing the sperm out of my cock and directly into the palm of her hands last week, along with her modeling pictures as well, but we also have a video for all of you to enjoy watching! Wanna see this blonde babe stroking, squeezing, and jerking all over an erect...

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Anna K. Modeling Gallery #1
Anna K. Model
Welcome, Anna K. to True Amateur Models! As you all know, Anna is a brand new model on the website ...and she sure is a beauty, isn't she? I was eating at an outdoor restaurant the other day, and as soon as I saw Anna, I invited her to play a game of pool with me and a couple of the girls from my site....

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Anna K. Handjob Gallery #1
Anna K. Model
Wanna watch this Ukrainian babe give a handjob and squeeze out a load of cum right into the palms of her hands? I was out the other day eating lunch with a couple of the girls from my site, and we all noticed Anna looking out towards the boats in the water at this outdoor restaurant overlooking the beach....

Tags: Blondes Handjob Mature Petite


18 Year Old Dakota
Hi Ray! Great pics with Anna! She is so cute! And by the way, you look great with the new look! I love the beard! Ohh DADDY! lol 😊
Scott Miller
Anna is a beautiful woman. She also has a very sexy look and I love her eyes!
Kevin from New Jersey
I enjoyed watching the handjob video. And the closeup shots are amazing! I couldn't stop fantasizing and imagining her hands all over my cock like that.
Beautiful hair. I love blonde chicks.