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Models / Alyse Model

Avg Rating: 5.0

Alyse Model Vital Stats:
Height:  5 '02
Age:  24
Employment:  Sales - Computer Tech Company
Location:  New Port Richey, FL

My name is Alyse! I am so excited to be a model on the True Amateur Models site, so when Ray asked me to write out a little information about how I actually became a model on the site, I wanted to share a little bit about myself with everyone. I work as a saleswoman for a tech company that specializes in making computer parts. We just came out with a new device that will enhance your computer's performance, and all you need to do is just plug it right into the USB port. I do a lot of walking around various neighborhoods, and even though I get hot and sweaty, I continue to work hard every day. I knocked on Ray's door one afternoon, and the reason why was that I was in his neighborhood - going from house to house and selling my new gadget for the computer system. I knocked on Ray's door, he answered it, he invited me to come in, and after walking through the door, I proceeded to tell him who I was and the reason why I was there while I was standing in his living room. I am a very professional and business type of woman, so Ray had no idea who I was when I first walked into his house. He seemed pretty interested in the new computing device, but there was actually something that caught my interest! I noticed all of these photography lights around, and since I have always wanted to try out modeling, I really wanted to speak with him about that! And when I found out that it was nude modeling, I had no problem with that at all. I don't think that Ray was quite expecting me to agree so quickly, but you see, I have always wanted to do nude modeling, and I have also wanted to try out porn for a long time now. I just didn't know who to contact, and believe me, I don't just trust anyone online. But here I was - with a guy that has been working in the porn business for years, asking me if I would be interested in participating in his shoots. To make a long story short, Ray and I both discussed his shoots, he showed me the site, and since it was the end of my work shift that day, I decided to log into my work schedule on my iPhone and clock out. I just decided to stay with Ray for the rest of the day, and of course, we ended up shooting! I never thought the morning when I woke up and started walking around the neighborhood that a guy would be licking my butthole. However, I must admit that it was very nice, and it also turned me on like you wouldn't believe it! In fact, I came hard when he started licking my pussy. You will see what I mean in the video. I just kept thinking about how hot everything was since it was all being done so sporadically. I mean, I had just met this guy 20 minutes ago, so when I would think about his face when he first opened the door, my pussy would get closer and closer to having an orgasm when he was licking it. I just let all of my limitations go that afternoon! I also sucked Ray's dick so that I could have some of those types of pictures on the site too. He stood above me and took some pictures of his cock in my mouth. That was such an interesting afternoon, but I had a lot of fun at the shoot and I am looking forward to shooting for the site again soon!

Alyse Model Updates

Alyse Modeling Gallery #4
Alyse Model
Look at Alyse wearing that sexy and hot black skirt! It sure is a short skirt, isn't it? And since it is indeed short, it was very convenient for Alyse to raise it a bit so that she could expose that sweet and shaved pussy! The pictures in this set of photos are super, high-resolution - very crystal...

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Alyse Model HD Video - Fucking To Pay The Rent
Alyse Model
Alyse and I wanted to record a fun video for all of you, so we decided to create a theme-based video where she has just been kicked out of her house by her parents and she desperately needs a place to stay for a while. I own my home, and since I have a few bedrooms and live alone, I figured I would offer...

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Alyse Model HD Video - Messy BJ And Pussy Creampie
Alyse Model
Would you like to watch Alyse give a messy and saliva-dripping blowjob? My cool little friend swung by the other day to shoot off some more content with me, and when she was down on her knees sucking my cock, she started spitting all over that hard dick and allowing the spit to just drip right out of...

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Alyse Modeling Gallery #3
Alyse Model
Guess who I saw today? The cute and beautiful Alyse! She came by the house to hang out for a bit and to shoot off some more pics. And of course, I also fucked her again, so be sure to watch out for the FUCK VIDEO coming soon! However, this particular set of photos will show Alyse modeling at her third...

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Alyse Blowjob Gallery #2
Alyse Model
Would you like to see Alyse with my cock stuffed all up inside of her mouth, yet again? Yep. That's right. Alyse came by the house today to visit me for a while, and while we were hanging out, she wanted to shoot off some more pictures! I specifically asked her what she wanted to shoot, and she told...

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Alyse Model HD Video - Blowjob, Fucked - Creampied
Alyse Model
I have a video on the site showing Alyse giving a blowjob, but after she swung by the house the other day to watch a movie with me, I fucked her in the back bedroom and came inside her pussy. It sure felt nice sliding my cock deep inside her warm vagina and pounding her pussy from behind. And it was...

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Alyse Modeling Gallery #2
Alyse Model
Check out these new modeling pictures of Alyse that were taken just the other day when she came by to hang out for a bit! Of course, we ended up fucking in the back bedroom, so be sure to check out the VIDEO that we both recorded, but for this particular set of high-resolution pictures, you will see...

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Alyse Model HD Video - CFNM Blowjob
Alyse Model
Would you like to see this sophisticated businesswoman with a cock inside of her mouth? The video was shot from a few different angles. And as far as the quality, the quality is nice and high-definition. You will see this cute Latina babe sucking cock in all sorts of various ways. It was nice holding...

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Alyse Modeling Gallery #1
Alyse Model
Alyse is 23 years old and she works as a saleswoman for a computer tech company. I'll tell ya one thing, she sure does quite a bit of walking around in order to try and make sales! She knocked on my door the other day, and once she noticed the photography lights in the house, she ended up doing a modeling...

Tags: Brunettes Latina Petite Shaved Pussy
Alyse Blowjob Gallery #1
Alyse Model
A saleswoman knocked on my door - selling some sort of computer device, and once she came in and noticed the photography lights, she would not stop asking questions about my shoots! To make a long story short, I ate her pussy and licked her asshole when she shoved it all up in my face. I remember thinking...

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Brian Peterson
Absolutely amazing. Alyse is beautiful and I love her chunky ass. I cannot wait for more shoots! Congrats on shooting this sexy babe.
Hot blowjob video and pics. You both make a good couple and seem to shoot very well together.
Dennis Sweet - Michigan
Now, THAT is what you call a nice ass! I would love to take a ride on that. ☺️
Mr. Chang - The Chinese Restaurant Manager
Alyse is really beautiful girl with nice big butt! I bet it feel really good to cum in her pussy, Ray. I wish I could find pretty young girl that would allow me put penis inside the fresh young hole, but I have ugly old bitch hag around me all the time, so probably never even happen anyway.
DAYUM, bruh! You be banging some hot bitches! Shiiiit, you sure is one lucky muthafucka. That's all I gotta say. But you keep on doing what you doing though. You got a cool site.
Hey Ray, I want to see you eat her ass again. If you could film a video of her getting her asshole licked, that would be great. Please fuck her again too. I really like Alyse and she's my favorite model on here.
I've never been with a girl before, but I would try it with Alyse. She has a sexy appeal to her and she is also very cute. I would also want Ray to join in so that I could suck that dick that I've been fingering my pussy to for over the last several months and have him fuck me. I'm glad to see her return for more shooting!
The number of girls on this site is mindblowing! A huge majority of them seem to be REAL amateur girls too! Alyse is hands-down one of my favorites. Thank you for running such a high-quality and 'no-bullshit' amateur site, Ray.
richard from new jersey
good god. it must have been pure heaven to have your dick inside of her mouth like that. I prob would have cum in 2 seconds.
love this sweet latina love that brown sweet brown pussy and ass. I give her 10 stars.