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Models / Tifa Quinn Model

Avg Rating: 5.0

Tifa Quinn Model Vital Stats:
Height:  4' 11
Age:  19
Employment:  Move Theater - Ticket Sales Representative
Location:  Dallas, TX

Heyyy! What's up, guys? My name is Tifa Quinn and I am so excited to be on the Trueamateurmodels.com site! Ray and I met each other on the internet - social media. As soon as I saw his website, I instantly wanted to shoot with him! I love the nude modeling pics that he shoots, and the hardcore scenes are so freaking hot! I have actually done a few things here and there, as far as shooting with other producers, but I still consider myself to be pretty amateur, along with being the girl next door type. I just really wanted to shoot for the True Amateur Models site since I really enjoyed the site since the first time I ever saw it, so I hit up Ray Edwards one day and we both ended up getting together to shoot! I flew all the way from Texas to meet and shoot with Ray, and I had a great time at the shoot! I mean, seriously - it was a lot of fun, and I cannot wait to get back together with Ray to do some more shooting! I am 19 years old and I like to wear my hair in pigtails a lot of times, just cause I like that particular style, and I also like the color Blue and the color Pink a lot. The modeling shoot was such a cool experience, and I love how my pics turned out from the shoot! I also modeled with Ray's electric guitar and his bass guitar. That was so freaking cool too because I love metal music and I also love going to shows! Ray also showed me how to play the guitar in his bedroom. That was when the sex happened. We recorded a sex video in his bedroom and I also sucked his dick! I wanted to do nude modeling, but something else that I really wanted to do was get fucked at the modeling shoot by Ray because I already knew that he shoots that kind of stuff cause I saw it on his website. I didn't want to be one of the models that were just modeling nude cause I wanted to go all the way! - hehe :) I am a single girl, I have no boyfriend back at home, and I look at it this way - I want to have as much fun as I possibly can with my life while I am still young. I don't live my life according to other people's standards and allow them to tell me what is acceptable to do with my body and what is not acceptable because I am my own individual and I can make that choice perfectly fine myself. Be sure to watch out for my sex video, coming soon! Ray also took some pictures of his dick in my mouth, so be sure to watch out for the blowjob pics too! It was so much fun being down on my knees and seeing that cock up in my face and stuff, and when Ray fucked me in my pussy after I sucked his cock, he came inside me. He really likes to cum inside the girls. I was perfectly fine with him cumming in me, but I am thinking that the next time, we can maybe do a cumshot facial scene? That would be pretty cool. hehe :) As far as my hobbies, and what I like to do with my free time - I like to read horror books, I am very much into - "old school" - movies and music a lot - (80s and 90's heavy metal, mostly) - and I also like to hang out with my friends. I like to go online a lot - (obviously) - and I also enjoy watching scary movies. I like the older ones the best though - Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday The 13th, Halloween, Prom Night, A Nightmare On Elm Street, etc. I also like a lot of Rob Zombie's movies quite a bit. Those are some cool flicks, and they were so ahead of their time back in the day. I hope that everybody likes my modeling pics and blowjob pics! I cannot wait to see the sex video that Ray and I recorded! I know that the members of the site can make comments on the pics and stuff, so please leave comments on my pics!

Tifa Quinn Model Updates

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Tifa Quinn Model
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Tifa Quinn Model
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Tifa Quinn Model
Wanna see my little friend suck on my cock? We both had a great time while she was out on her vacation. And come to find out, we both like a lot of the same musical artists and movies - and of course, we both enjoy porn a lot, so we tend to have quite a bit in common! When I was showing her how to play...

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Tifa is SO CUTE! Please shoot her again because I love her pics!
18 yr old Caitlyn - (Florida)
Can I please have my turn next, Daddy? ☺️
Seth Franklin
The pics of her modeling with the guitars are awesome!
Hot video. I wish my man would kiss and hold me in the bed like that. That made my pussy wet.
tifa is so cute. awesome pics! very cool video too!
beautiful girl ....and so petite and tiny!
What a cool and wicked, badass video! I love the guitar, and of course, Tifa! You both shoot very well with each other. I hope to see more!
Mr. Big Dick
Tifa is my favorite model on the site. She is just fantastic!
That sure is a thick cock. I wish I could fuck it.