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Models / Sage Model

Avg Rating: 4.8

Sage Model Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 10
Age:  41
Employment:  Administrative Assistant
Location:  Sarasota, FL

I met Ray at the grocery store. I had my kids with me and my son Bryan kept running around after I had repeatedly instructed him to stop. I did not want him to knock something off the shelf. He asked me if he could run down the aisle one more time, and as soon as I turned around to tell him no, my son ran straight into a gentleman that was walking around the corner! Well, that gentleman happened to be Ray from the True Amateur Models site! I stopped what I was doing and ran down the aisle to apologize for my son's rude behavior. Ray seemed like a nice person and he didn't complain at all. After I finished my grocery shopping, the kids and I walked up to the checkout line. Ray walked up behind us and started talking to me as he was putting his items on the checkout counter. I am the type of woman that loves male attention, so I continued to talk with him. Before I left the store, Ray asked me for my phone number so that we could get together some other time. I agreed that it would be fun to get together so I gave him the number. He called me after he got home and that's when he started talking to me about his site. That night, after I put the kids to bed, I went to his site. I am not really the type of woman to look at porn, but I have to admit that as I was looking at the site, I found myself touching my pussy. I became so horny, I instantly raised my nightgown up, lowered my panties down to my knees, sat back down into the chair, and started masturbating as I was staring very hard at Ray's erect cock. I went to bed that night thinking about what I had seen and called Ray the next day. He explained everything to me regarding the shoot and the rest is history! As you can see, Ray and I shot several times, so I have a lot of content on the site!

Sage Model Updates

Sage Modeling Gallery #10
Sage Model
Here is another new gallery from the soccer mom Sage! She wanted to do more nude modeling, so I just recently shot off these pictures of her modeling nude and spreading apart that soccer mom ass and I hope that everyone enjoys them! Sage is also a pleasure to shoot and to basically just hang out with,...

Tags: Brunettes Mature Petite
Sage Modeling Gallery #9
Sage Model
Welcome Sage back to True Amateur Models ...and after 5 YEARS! So yeah, I was quite surprised when she emailed me asking to shoot again! These pictures were taken just yesterday and are being uploaded today! So yeah, it sure has been a while! In this gallery of photos, you will see her striking off those...

Tags: Brunettes Mature Petite
Sage Hardcore Gallery #3
Sage Model
Welcome to another hardcore gallery from Sage! Sage came by to do some more amateur nude modeling and found herself becoming very horny during the modeling shoot! I don't remember, but she mentioned something to me about how she enjoys sucking cock or something along those lines, and so I offered to...

Tags: Brunettes Handjob Mature Oral
Sage Modeling Gallery #8
Sage Model
Here are some more photos taken from the last shoot with Sage after she woke up in the morning! As always, she does an excellent job at displaying her pretty face, breasts, mature pussy and amateur asshole! I think Sage is a very good model too! What do you think? This sexy and mature woman is always...

Tags: Brunettes Mature Petite
Sage Modeling Galleries #7
Sage Model
Sage came over to spend the night the other evening and the next morning, she decided to do another modeling shoot! This shoot was performed in the early hours after she had just crawled out of bed, but she looks fine, doesn't she? After she was done with watching the news and sipping on her coffee,...

Tags: Brunettes Mature Petite
Sage Hardcore Gallery #1
Sage Model
I was sitting back in the living room one day watching a little television, when the doorbell rang. I answered the door and there standing in the doorway was Sage! I invited her in for some coffee and asked how she had been doing! I thought that she had come by to inquire on setting up another modeling...

Tags: Brunettes Fucking Mature Oral
Sage Modeling Gallery #6
Sage Model
Here are some photos of this mature MILF modeling nude in the back bedroom and near the hot tub in the bathroom! Isn't she such a sexy MILF? Sage has always done such a great job at the modeling and she also does a very good job at getting into all of those nasty positions! This is a very conservative...

Tags: Brunettes Mature Petite
Sage Modeling Gallery #5
Sage Model
Here is the fifth modeling gallery from this mature and sexy 41 year old MILF! Don't let her age fool you either! Sage is just as slutty as the younger girls! I mean, look at her get into all of those raunchy and dirty nude positions! She is very good at showing her body off in various ways and has always...

Tags: Brunettes Mature Petite
Sage Modeling Gallery #4
Sage Model
Watch Sage model nude on the living room stairs and in the back bedroom! Sage always does such a great job at getting into so many different poses and positions! Watch her flip herself back up on her shoulders on the bed for some really nice pussy, asshole and face shots! This 41 year old MILF sure has...

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Sage Modeling Gallery #3
Sage Model
Watch sexy Sage spread apart her amateur hairy pussy! She starts off wearing her blue jeans and slowly strips them off to show her MILF pussy and asshole! Are you into tiny breasts? Sage has very tiny breasts! Enjoy these photos of this amateur and sexy MILF spreading her pussy and butthole all apart!...

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Sage Modeling Gallery #2
Sage Model
Here are some more amateur nude modeling photos from Sage! She does a great job at getting into nasty and nude positions while spreading apart her pussy and asshole! These are additional photos that were taken during the first photo shoot, and were put into a separate gallery so that the original gallery...

Tags: Brunettes Mature
Sage Modeling Gallery #1
Sage Model
Welcome Sage to True Amateur Models! Sage is a 41 year old married MILF and I met her over at the grocery store. We actually met as a result of her kid running down the grocery store aisle and bumping into me! Sage quickly apologized and the rest is history! I later spoke with her about the site and...

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Sage has such a conservative and soccer mom look, but she sure as hell knows how to get nasty! You have a shitload of pictures from her too! Thanks!
Hot mature lady there.
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