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Models / Olivia K. Model

Avg Rating: 4.8

Olivia K. Model Vital Stats:
Height:  5 '03
Age:  18
Employment:  Convenience Store Cashier
Location:  Hudson, Florida

My name is Olivia K. and I am 18 years old. I also wear braces, but I am so used to them now so they don't really bother me anymore. I have never modeled before and the shoot was a lot of fun! I was out with my friend the other day and we both had movie tickets. I don't get out to the movies much because I usually just watch them at home on the television, but I was excited to hang out with my friend! My friend and I (she is a girl) were both playing video games when Ray walked over in our direction. I was standing there watching my friend play her game and Ray came over and started talking to me. I don't remember exactly what Ray said, but he told me that he was a photographer and that he runs a site that specializes in females modeling nude or something like that. I am not a supermodel or anything like that, and neither is my friend! He told us that he shoots models with no experience! lol. At first, I thought, why would you NOT want the models to have experience? But he explained everything to me and told me that he shoots amateur girls. I mean, that's what the whole site is about in the first place. So yeah, I understood where he was coming from. I get that the "Amateur" genre of porn is enjoyed by many people. My friend was telling me that I should probably think about it before jumping into modeling, but on the other hand, she's also a really good friend that respects my choices. And guess what? My choice was to DO the modeling! Ray asked when I would be available to shoot, and I told him any time really, so that's when I went with him over to the shoot! My friend tagged along with me though, just to make sure that everything was ok. After all, you never know these days in this crazy world! There are a lot of creeps out there, but luckily, Ray turned out to be really nice and professional. I also jerked his dick after the modeling shoot and he shot his cum across my braces! Gosh, I really didn't think I'd be squeezing the cum out of an erect penis when I left my house to go meet my friend at the movie theater, but that's exactly what happened! It's funny how ya just never know what the day may bring.

Olivia K. Model Updates

Olivia K Modeling Gallery #6
Olivia K. Model
Welcome to another update with Olivia K. modeling nude and spreading apart her amateur ass! As you can see in this gallery of high resolution photos, Olivia is at it again ...striking off a bunch of sexy poses, as well as getting into the explicit poses too! There are a lot of photos in this particular...

Tags: Hairy Pussy Teen Upskirts
Olivia K. Modeling Gallery #5
Olivia K. Model
Welcome Olivia back to True Amateur Models! I bumped into her at the store the other day and she asked me if we could do another modeling shoot! I had some photo sets from her that were already on the website, but I figured, why not? I mean, she doesn't have a TON of photos, and it had been a little...

Tags: Hairy Pussy Teen
Olivia K. Modeling Gallery #3
Olivia K. Model
Welcome to another modeling gallery from Olvia K ...the short haired amateur blonde babe! I only shot her a couple of times before so I figured I'd shoot her again when I saw her the other day shopping at the local grocery market. It really is funny how many of the models I seem to bump into here and...

Tags: Blondes Shaved Pussy Teen
Olivia K. Modeling Gallery #4
Olivia K. Model
Hey guys! I wanted to upload another modeling gallery today of Olivia K. from the shoot that we did the other day. These are pictures that were taken at the same location but she is getting into all sort of additional positions and spreading those legs and ass apart wide! Perhaps if Olivia and I hook...

Tags: Blondes Mature Teen
Olivia K. Handjob Gallery #2
Olivia K. Model
When I was hanging out with Olivia the other day, I had some work that I needed to do in the back yard. I was going to review the modeling pictures right after getting some outdoor errands accomplished, when all of a sudden, Olivia called my name from inside of the house and asked for me to come in so...

Tags: Blondes Handjob Teen
Olivia K. Modeling Gallery #2
Olivia K. Model
I took some more modeling pictures of Olivia K. the other day and wanted to put them onto the website as part of today's update! Doesn't she look cute in her Blue dress? You will soon get to see her pull down that dress, as well as pull down her panties so that we can all get a real clear view of that...

Tags: Blondes Petite Shaved Pussy Teen
Olivia K. Handjob Gallery #1
Olivia K. Model
Olivia K. is a teen girl that I met over at the movie theater! I noticed that she was standing beside a girl watching her play a video game, so I decided to walk up there to check out the game! Olivia and I both spoke to each other about the amateur nude modeling and she was interested in trying it out!...

Tags: Blondes Handjob Petite Teen
Olivia K. Modeling Gallery #1
Olivia K. Model
Welcome Olivia K. to True Amateur Models! I came into contact with this amateur teen at the movie theater the other day! Oh and not only that, she went directly with me from the movie theater to do the modeling shoot! There was absolutely no preparation before the shoot and what you see here is the 100%...

Tags: Blondes Petite Shaved Pussy Teen


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