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Models / Kelsie Model

Avg Rating: 4.6

Kelsie Model Vital Stats:
Height:  18
Age:  5' 06
Employment:  Restaurant Hostess
Location:  New Port Rchey, FL

My boyfriend and I were at home hanging out one evening and we decided to surf some porn sites. One of the sites that we stumbled onto was Ray's site. We arrived there from some free gallery that Ray was promoting and I noticed that the girl in the gallery was from the same city that my boyfriend and I live in. After looking into it, we found out that some of the girls on the site were from the same area as we were! How cool is that? My boyfriend asked me if I would ever model nude and I told him that it would probably be fun but that I would not want him to get mad. He told me that he would not get mad. In fact, he even told me that he would like for me to do it! We talked a little more about it and I told him that I would have to think about it. I really didn't have to think about it but I just told him that because I thought that the alcohol was making him say this stuff. The next day, we woke up and ran a few errands, and after arriving back home, my boyfriend mentioned the nude modeling thing again! That's when I knew that he was serious about it! We contacted Ray and asked if we could set up a shoot. Ray contacted me back and told me that he would love to shoot me, so we set up a time to do the modeling shoot! My boyfriend went to the shoot with me so that he could meet Ray. After I did the modeling, my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to let Ray fuck me! I just laughed because I knew that he wasn't being serious! But then he mentioned it again about 20 minutes later! I figured, screw it. If my boyfriend is ok with it, so am I.

Kelsie Model Updates

Kelsie Modeling Gallery #10
Kelsie Model
Welcome to another nude modeling gallery from Kelsie! These are some amateur photos that I had laying around on one of my external hard drives, and for some reason or another, were not added back onto the site after I set up the new members area, so these photos will be brand new to you! Watch this sexy...

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Kelsie Modeling Gallery #9
Kelsie Model
Here is the ninth modeling gallery from Kelsie! Watch Kelsie model nude in the bedroom - and as always, get into all of those nude modeling poses and positions! Watch her as she looks sexy in front of the camera, spreads her legs apart, bends over on the bed to spread her ass, and stands above the camera...

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Kelsie Modeling Gallery #8
Kelsie Model
Here is another modeling gallery from Kelsie! This time around, she has a shaved pussy! Be sure to check out her other galleries too because Kelsie goes back and forth from having a shaved pussy to a hairy pussy! Whether you prefer girls to be shaved or hairy, with True Amateur Models, you get the both...

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Kelsie Modeling Gallery #7
Kelsie Model
Here are some more photos of Kelsie with her hairy pussy! These were shot after we arrived back home from taking our trip to the beach! Watch her as she continues to model nude! In this gallery, you will find Kelsie modeling in the bedroom and in the office! And of course, also spreading apart that sweet...

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Kelsie Modeling Gallery #6
Kelsie Model
Kelsie and I took a trip down to the beach the other day and these are the photos that were taken after our arrival back home! Watch her as she strips out of her black bikini to model nude and to spread apart that hairy bush! Sometimes Kelsie will shave her pussy and at other times, she just becomes...

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Kelsie Modeling Gallery #5
Kelsie Model
Here are some more amateur nude modeling pictures from the shoot that I did with Kelsie after running into her over at the fast food restaurant! In this particular photo set, she is modeling nude back in the bedroom! Watch her as she tries her absolute best to model nude for you! As far as I know, Kelsie...

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Kelsie Modeling Gallery #4
Kelsie Model
I went to one of the local fast food restaurants here in town the other day to purchase some lunch, and you would never believe who I saw standing in the line! That's right! I saw Kelsie waiting to place her order! I run into the girls from my site every now and then out in public places, but not very...

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Kelsie Modeling Gallery #3
Kelsie Model
Look at Kelsie wearing her pink dress and those red panties! And even better yet, watch her strip out of them to model and spread nude for you! This is the third modeling gallery from this hot brunette and very amateur babe!

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Kelsie Hardcore Gallery #1
Kelsie Model
Watch me fuck this amateur brunette teen while her boyfriend shoots the photos! After we were all done with the modeling shoot, her boyfriend mentioned something about sex and then he asked me if I would like to fuck his girlfriend! I really wasn't expecting for him to say anything like that but I immediately...

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Kelsie Modeling Gallery #2
Kelsie Model
Kelsie models nude in the bedroom in this particular gallery and these are some more photos from our first photo shoot! Enjoy these additional photo of this amateur teen modeling nude!

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Kelsie Modeling Gallery #1
Kelsie Model
Look at this amateur 18 year old girl! Welcome Kelsie to True Amateur Models! Kelsie contacted me regarding a photo shoot and I was glad to schedule her to come in to do some nude modeling! I think she did a very good job too! What do you think? I will probably be shooting her some more in the future,...

Tags: Brunettes Hairy Ass Shaved Pussy Teen


Thanks for shooting her both hairy and shaved. I am a little more of a hairy lover, but it was nice looking at her shaved pussy pics too.
she also got some nice boobs too.
beautiful girl
Mr. Chang - The Chinese Food Restaurant Manager
I like how you put the cum on her butt and the pussy from behind when she was riding the dick. She is very sexy babe, Ray. Nice ass too with hair around butthole. I cum very good to these pics of her butt. Did it smell? I wish I could smell the butthole.