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Models / Hailey C. Model

Avg Rating: 4.9

Hailey C. Model Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 05"
Age:  19
Employment:  College Student
Location:  New Port Richey, FL

I was out shopping for Christmas presents for my boyfriend and I noticed that Ray was looking at me. He was standing behind me in the department store, and when I turned around, I caught him staring at my ass! I was actually pretty flattered by this because I always like it when guys look at my ass! As soon as I noticed, he asked me what my name was. I remember Ray telling me that I had a cute smile. He also started talking to me about how he runs a modeling site. I didn't think much about it until he told me that it was nude modeling! Of course, he asked me if I would be interested in being on the site, but in all actuality, I really didn't know what to say. It's just something that I've never thought about doing before. The thought of having nude pictures taken of me has crossed my mind before, but not nude pictures of me on the internet for everyone to see! However, I thought about it as we continued to walk through the store, and a little later, I told him that I would do a shoot! I asked him when I would be shooting for the site and he told me that if my schedule permits it - in about 10 minutes, which is approximately the time it will take for the both of us to arrive back to my house for the shoot! Now, that was definitely not what I had planned, but I just figured, why not? I mean, if I am going to do it anyway, why not go ahead and do it now? I mean, I had no plans that day anyways. However, I was a little nervous getting into his car because I didn't know Ray, but once he started driving and we continued conversing with one another, I started feeling better. Call me Ray if you want to set up another shoot!

Hailey C. Model Updates

Hailey C. Modeling Gallery #4
Hailey C. Model
Welcome to another modeling gallery from Hailey! I had another model that was scheduled to come in to shoot today, but she called me a few hours before the shoot telling me that she just wasn't feeling very good today and that she would rather reschedule the shoot. Unfortunately, this didn't allow me...

Tags: Hairy Ass Shaved Pussy Teen
Hailey C. Modeling Gallery #3
Hailey C. Model
Watch Hailey C. get naked for you and show you her breasts and that amateur pussy! Hailey C. always does such a great job at getting into those nasty and hot modeling poses! Watch Hailey C. lift up her skirt to give you a look at that shaved pussy! And not only that, what about that ass? I still remember...

Tags: Brunettes Hairy Ass Shaved Pussy Teen
Hailey C. Modeling Gallery #2
Hailey C. Model
Hailey C. wanted to do another photo shoot so I went ahead shot her again since she only had one gallery on the site. I always like to shoot the same models at least a few times so that everyone has plenty of content on the site. This is the second modeling gallery from her and I hope that you enjoy...

Tags: Brunettes Hairy Ass Shaved Pussy Teen
Hailey C. Modeling Gallery #1
Hailey C. Model
Welcome Hailey C. to True Amateur Models! This is her very first modeling gallery! Hailey C. had a great time at the shoot and as you can see, did a very good job at getting into the modeling poses, showing off her all natural breasts, pulling down her panties to expose her wet pussy and bending over...

Tags: Brunettes Hairy Ass Shaved Pussy Teen


One of the most wonderful girl i have seen on internet.. So cute, and with an amazing butt that i would love to lick and fuck for ages.... mums
Ryan Smith
Ray, this girl is HOT! Warm soft wet pussy that makes you want to take a strawberry Blowpop sucker and shove it inside and lick it when it comes out wet. Great model!
I was blown away when I first saw Hailey on this site years back. I was immediately smitten. One of the cutest combined with an absolutely perfect and gorgeous asshole. Love her!
She sure does have a hairy asshole. I LOVE IT TOO!