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Models / Gianna Model

Avg Rating: 4.9

Gianna Model Vital Stats:
Height:  4' 11
Age:  24
Employment:  Car Dealership Receptionist
Location:  Atlantic City, NJ

My name is Gianna and I am 24 years old. I was born and raised in New Jersey but I just recently took a trip down to Florida for a couple of weeks to visit my friend. She just moved into an apartment and wanted me to come check it out! The owner of this site (Ray) goes over to this same apartment complex sometimes because he has a friend that lives over there. Ray saw me walking back from the gas station and offered me a ride back to the complex. He told me all about how he shoots amateur models and he wanted to know if I would do a shoot! I didn't know what to say because my friend would not approve of me doing that, and since I was staying with her, I didn't know where we would have done the shoot. I was going to be there for a couple of weeks, so I told Ray that I would get back with him to let him know. At that time, Ray explained to me that we could do the shoot at his friends apartment! We did the shoot that same day, and the clothes that I have on are the same clothes that I had on when Ray picked me up walking back from the gas station! Everything was so spontaneous and nothing was ever really planned out, but I kinda liked it that way. Nude modeling has been something that I have thought about doing, but I never did until I met Ray. I doubt that I will ever do it again, unless I go back down to Florida (which I am planning on doing) because I do not know anyone around where I live that shoots models. It was a fun experience though and I am looking forward to shooting with Ray some other time too!

Gianna Model Updates

Gianna Modeling Gallery #5
Gianna Model
Welcome to another modeling gallery from Gianna! I shot some more modeling pictures of her the other day, and she did a pretty good job at the modeling, and also at spreading apart that hairy ass, as well as spreading apart her legs to expose that tight pussy! Gianna told me that the next time we hook...

Tags: Brunettes Freckles Hairy Ass Petite
Gianna Hardcore Gallery #2
Gianna Model
Watch Gianna give a handjob! Gianna gives very good handjobs too! These particular pictures were taken after her modeling shoot. Gianna loves to stroke on dicks, so after she was finished with her modeling, I sat down on the couch beside her and we started talking about the modeling pictures ...and then...

Tags: Brunettes Freckles Handjob Petite
Gianna Modeling Gallery #4
Gianna Model
Wanna watch Gianna model nude and spread apart that hairy amateur ass? Gianna called me the other day and informed me that she was back in town and wanted to know if we could shoot again! As you all know, she is from New Jersey but she comes down to Florida to visit her friend sometimes. Hope you all...

Tags: Brunettes Freckles Hairy Ass Petite
Gianna Modeling Gallery #3
Gianna Model
Welcome Gianna back to True Amateur Models! She called me the other day to see if I wanted to come over and hang out with her at a hotel that she was staying at. She was in town visiting her friend and wanted to hang out with me too before leaving on the plane to go back home. I already had a shoot scheduled...

Tags: Brunettes Freckles Hairy Ass Petite
Gianna Hardcore Gallery #1
Gianna Model
I was shooting modeling pictures of Gianna and when she mentioned something about sucking my dick, I instantly removed my clothing and stood up above her with my dick out! This was not a scheduled or planned shoot, so these are more or less pictures that were shot while Gianna and I were hanging out....

Tags: Brunettes Freckles Handjob Oral
Gianna Modeling Gallery #2
Gianna Model
Welcome Gianna back to True Amateur Models! I wanted to shoot her because I knew that she was not from my local area and that she would be going back to New Jersey. Although, she did tell me a little later in the day that she would be coming back down to Florida every now and then, so I should be able...

Tags: Brunettes Freckles Hairy Ass Petite
Gianna Modeling Gallery #1
Gianna Model
Welcome Gianna to True Amateur Models! Gianna is a brand new model on the website and I picked her up walking back to her friends apartment from the gas station. She started walking over there to buy a soda and as soon as I saw her walking down the street with those tiny shorts on, I just had to offer...

Tags: Brunettes Freckles Hairy Ass Petite


TIGHT looking ass on her!
Ray, Any chance she does more?
Site Admin - Ray
Thank's for making your comment Shawn! I am supposed to shoot her again and we are planning on shooting more than just modeling. I am not exactly sure on what type of scene it will be or when we will shoot, but I do know that she is interested.
She looks like she has a very tight pussy.
Mr. Henderson
Oh my god! I love that hairy little ass! I have jerked off plenty of times here in front of my desktop computer staring at that hairy and tiny little ass!
carl blaize
nice panty shots too
Just amazing poses... fantastic.
James Lohan
I would love to jerk off over the top of that hairy ass. I've busted tons of loads looking at that ass.