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Models / Ellie Charmful Model

Avg Rating: 5.0

Ellie Charmful Model Vital Stats:
Height:  5 '03
Age:  23
Employment:  Grocery Store Cashier
Location:  Hudson, Florida

My name is Ellie. I am a shy girl, and a little on the quiet side, so when Ray Edwards drove up beside me in a vehicle, politely yelling out something, along with the fact that he had some recording device pointed toward me, I wasn't sure what the hell was happening! However, Ray quickly explained that he thought that I was someone else and that he had just made an embarrassing mistake. I mean, that's cool. I get that. But still, what about the fact that you are - STILL RECORDING ME? I mean, don't get me wrong. I am not even close to being a bitch, but I must admit, I was like - confused AF. But everything worked out very well because I enjoyed talking to Ray and I am glad that we both met each other! And especially because he shoots adult videos because I have always wanted to get involved in something like that! He told me that the only job that he has had over the last 20 years has been performing in adult videos and shooting girls modeling nude! This guy must know what he's talking about when it comes to the adult entertainment industry! He invited me back to his apartment and sat me down, showed me his website, and all sorts of videos - basically, just explained how everything works. We hung out for a while that afternoon, and I had a lot of fun with Ray. He was very nice, and he always kept everything professional - but on the other hand, knew how to have a fun time, and he also made me laugh a lot! We clicked very well with each other. Before I knew it, the moment had arrived - I could feel the carpet on Ray's floor touching my knees, and as I was kneeling down directly in front of his big cock, which by the way, was really throbbing, pulsating, and swinging all around in front of my face, I felt myself becoming extremely horny and touched myself. My boyfriend is good in bed, but still - it had been a long time since I had been with any other guy so that made my pussy very wet. I could feel the shaft of Ray's cock slowly sliding into my mouth and between my lips, very gently bumping across the inside of my cheeks as I continued to suck on it. That felt nice, so I started rubbing my pussy when I was sucking his cock, and I almost even had an orgasm right there on his carpet. But then Ray told me that he wanted to put his dick inside of me, so I forgot all about the blowjob and laid across the bed to spread my legs. I had been waiting for this to happen for a very long time, and the only guy that I have ever messed around with when it comes to recording any type of sexual scene is my boyfriend, and that has always been a lot of fun. But still, this was something much different, and on a completely different level - very professional, and wow - I had such a great time at the shoot! I was just out taking a walk one afternoon, wondering whether or not I should quit my sucky job, but when I met Ray, everything changed quite a bit and I am so honored to be on the True Amateur Models site! I had no idea that I would have a guy licking all over my pussy, licking my asshole, putting his dick inside of my mouth and fucking my face, as well as inserting his dick inside of my pussy and fucking it when I walked out to take a stroll around the block! But hey, you never know what the day may bring your way! Please keep in touch with me because I want to shoot again! You have my phone number, Ray, so please - program it into your phone and call me soon to fuck again. I had a great time at the shoot and I hope that everyone enjoys my video! Be sure to watch out for my nude modeling pictures, coming soon!

Ellie Charmful Model Updates

Ellie Charmful Modeling Gallery #1
Ellie Charmful Model
Did everyone enjoy watching the video that I made with the bored neighborhood girl getting fucked after she took a Sunday afternoon stroll around the block? Well, this time around, we have some nude modeling pictures of Ellie! Watch as she removes her clothes and gets into all of those sexy nude poses...

Tags: Brunettes Freckles Glasses Hairy Pussy
Ellie Model HD Video - Sunday Afternoon Walk Turns Into BJ And A Thick Dick Fuck
Ellie Charmful Model
OMG! I felt so embarrassed the other day! I was driving back from the restaurant after eating some lunch and I saw my good friend Jenny walking down the street! I wanted to turn the car around, offer her a ride, and hang out for a bit. However, as soon as I drove up and yelled out her name, it was not...

Tags: Brunettes Fucking Glasses Hairy Pussy


Mr. Chang - The Chinese Resturant Manager
Ray, I no understand any of this. How you do it, man? I want to know how I can drive car back from food place and lick young girls butthole walking down street. I tried to do what you do the other day with pretty customer woman at my Chinese restaurant, and the woman hit my face, Ray! I promise that I never do that again. Really. Could even lose business if not careful!
Is this a real video? It seems real to me. Wow.