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Models / Claire Model

Avg Rating: 5.0

Claire Model Vital Stats:
Height:  5' 03
Age:  18
Employment:  Babysitter
Location:  New Port Richey, FL

Hi there! My name is Claire and I am 18 years old! I just landed a job through the newspaper as a babysitter. I was supposed to arrive at Mr. Peterson's house at 7 PM so that he and his wife could both go out to dinner for the evening. Mr. Peterson and I both sat on the couch and he explained to me who to call if an emergency came up and that he and the wife would be back in about three hours. Mrs. Peterson was really nice and I liked her a lot. She is a lot younger than her husband by many years, but that doesn't matter cause they seem to really love each other a lot and they get along great. Mr. and Mrs. Peterson both have an adopted son since Mr. Peterson is unable to get his wife pregnant. Everything was actually pretty quiet after they left the house. I started watching television and then the doorbell rang. That's when I met Ray Edwards from True Amateur Models! Jimmy (Mr. Peterson's Son) and Ray both know each other and Ray comes over sometimes. I told Ray that Jimmy wasn't at home, but he asked if he could still come in to get something that he had forgotten the other day. Ray and I started talking after he came in about Mr. Peterson, his wife as well as his friend, Jimmy. It was actually kinda nice to have someone around to talk with since it was so quiet. Ray and I both watched some television and just basically hung out with each other for about 30 minutes. We eventually started talking about his website, and as you can see, I decided to do a nude modeling shoot a few days later! I also jerked Ray's cock in the back bedroom, so now I have a handjob video on the website! Although, I was a bit surprised about some information that I later found out about Mr. Peterson! You see, according to what I found out, Mr. Peterson called Ray from the restaurant and asked him to go over to his house to talk with me about nude modeling! Apparently, Mr. Peterson already knew about the website and wanted Ray to get me on it so that he could see nude pics of me! What the fuck? That surprised me because Mr. Peterson is always such a "proper" and a very "conservative" man, and he is also a Christian that goes to church with his wife every Sunday! I was quite surprised, but I really didn't care though. I mean, after all, Mr. Peterson is really nice, and if he wants to masturbate while looking at my pussy and butthole when his wife is asleep, I suppose I don't really mind. Although, I wouldn't want his wife to get upset because she's really nice. Oh well. I guess she'll never know anyway, so whatever.

Claire Model Updates

Claire Modeling Gallery #4
Claire Model
Welcome the beautiful and the amateur babe "Claire" back to True Amateur Models! These are some photos that were taken at one of our recent photo shoots! The pictures are high quality, and of course, they are very amateur too! Watch Claire do some more nude modeling and spreading! As always, and as you...

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Claire Modeling Gallery #3
Claire Model
Welcome to another modeling gallery from Claire! Claire is such a natural-looking girl and I also think that she's pretty darn hot too! I've seen Claire with makeup on, and I much prefer her to go without it, as she usually does just about all of the time. If you saw Claire today in a convenience store,...

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Claire Modeling Gallery #2
Claire Model
Welcome to another modeling gallery from Claire! This hot 18 year old babe wanted to do some more shooting, so we did another modeling shoot! The next time we get back together, she want's to do a handjob scene too, so keep an eye out for that! In this particular modeling gallery from Claire, there are...

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Claire Modeling Gallery #1
Claire Model
Welcome Claire to True Amateur Models! Claire is 18 years old and she is a girl that my buddy uses as his babysitter! My buddy was out to dinner with his wife and I didn't know anything about this babysitter until he called me on my cell the other night and asked me to go over to his house to talk to...

Tags: Brunettes Petite Teen


Claire is HOT and I am glad you did a shoot with her! I am looking forward to seeing more from her.
wowo so hot,, do more
Admin - Ray
Thanks. And yes, I will be shooting more of Claire. :)
wow u r so sexy
Brazilian dude
bring her back please.
I really like the hand job video! You can tell she likes to stroke dick.
Those high rez shots of her are great! God, I love this girl so much.
Very sexy girl..
Mr. Pepper
Claire is one of my favorite models on the site. It's obviously hard to pick just ONE favorite, so that's why I say that she's ONE of my favorites!
Claire is such a cute "girl next door" and also, with freckles! Didn't she used to be a cheerleader? I remember reading that somewhere on the site before.