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Models / Annie Archer Model

Avg Rating: 5.0

Annie Archer Model Vital Stats:
Height:  5 '02
Age:  21
Employment:  Grocery Store Cashier
Location:  New Port Richey, Florida

Hello there, everybody! My name is Annie and I am 21 years old! I was over at the shopping mall one day and I was browsing around a store called Hot Topic. I was looking for a new shirt to wear, and after purchasing the shirt, I walked over to the food court to eat some lunch. The particular shopping mall in my area isn't that busy with people since many of the stores have gone out of business, but it seems as though they are building it back up by adding more stores. There were only three people eating in the food court, and one of them was a guy eating a piece of pizza. That guy was Ray Edwards from the True Amateur Models site! Honestly, I was in the mood to eat a piece of pizza too, and once the food was ready, I grabbed the food tray and walked over to sit down to eat my food. I could not help but notice that Ray was looking at his phone. I wasn't paying any attention at first until I noticed what he was looking at! The only thing that I could make out was a video showing a big dick on the screen being sucked with somebody's mouth, and by who looked to be a dark-haired girl, along with Ray's face in the background! It just caught me off guard because I wasn't expecting to see anyone looking at pornography in the shopping mall, and Ray even had the volume on his phone turned up! I just sat there at my table, in complete disbelief, looking over his shoulder now and then to see what I could see. I remember around the fourth time I glanced over, that's when I saw the cumshot! You have to understand. He was sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME at the next table, so I could see everything on his phone. What happened next surprised me even more. He received a phone call and he was talking to some girl about a blowjob video and about how he should have recorded the cumshot inside of the pussy after he came inside of her! WTF? I literally could not believe what I was hearing! I must say, even though it was a pretty explicit conversation, I was becoming horny after listening to all of this sex stuff! I started to think to myself, I wonder if I could do a nude modeling shoot. That would be cool. I thought about it before, but never really did anything like that, other than my ex-boyfriend, Randy, shooting some personal pictures of me exposing my tits when my parents went out of town last year and he spent the night with me. I am also a pretty shy person, so it's not easy for me to just walk up to someone and start talking to them, but I just had to find out more information on this nude modeling and porn stuff! When Ray stood up and turned around to leave, I was still eating my pizza, but I didn't want him to leave because I wanted to find out how I could become involved! And even though I cannot believe that I did this, I just came right out and asked him if he shoots pictures of nude models! He was very understanding and did not seem bothered at the least. He even asked me if modeling was something that I had ever considered doing myself! He told me that I have a cute, innocent look and that I would be a good model for the True Amateur Models site! Ray was very polite and professional, and he also made me feel very comfortable. Not to mention, it has always been my fantasy to get fucked by an older guy, so I was hoping to get fucked at the modeling shoot because I have only had sex with three guys so far - Eric, Randy, and Paul, and they were my age. I wondered if Ray and I could create a video as he does with the other girls. He gave me his phone number and address, and when my Dad picked me up at the shopping mall that afternoon, I asked him if he could please drop me off at my friend, Jennifer's house, but instead, I had my Dad drop me off at Ray's apartment so that I could do a porn shoot! My Dad would FREAK THE FUCK OUT if he ever found out about this, but I am 21 years old and I can do whatever I want to do. I am going to be hooking back up with Ray again sometime soon to get fucked again and to shoot some more nude modeling pictures, so be sure to watch out for more pics and videos, coming soon!

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Annie Archer Model
Would you like to watch a video of my new little shopping mall buddy sucking on my cock and receiving that thick dick stuffed all up inside of her wet vagina until the semen is released inside of her? Annie told me during the modeling shoot that her fantasy has always been to get fucked by an older man,...

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Annie Archer Model
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Annie Archer Model
Would you like to see my new little friend suck my dick and get her pussy fucked? I met her over at the local shopping mall in the food court. We started conversing with one another, and before I knew it, Annie was over at my apartment doing a nude modeling shoot! However, after the nude modeling shoot,...

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Mr. Chang - The Chinese Restaurant Manager
Annie is very cute girl, Ray. I like messy hair. Did it get that way because you fuck her so hard? It is nice to see the large penis inside the mouth when you hold onto the little head.