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Welcome To! Your #1 Source For Real And Exclusive Amateur Girls! Inside The Members Area Is A Massive Collection Of Over 200,000 High Resolution Photos, 275+ Amateur Models And 80 HD Videos! The Content Is Very Exclusive And The Members Area Is Updated Weekly! These Girls Are Not Street Prostitutes, Escorts, Dance Strippers Or Adult Industry Performers. These Are Very Exclusive And Amateur Girls That I Have Personally Established Contact With At Shopping Malls, Movie Theaters, Amusement Parks and Music Concerts! All Types Of 100% Real Amateur Girls Modeling Nude And Getting Into Hardcore Action!

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Doug - Sacramento, California

In my opinion, True Amateur Models is the best amateur site on the internet. And I am not just saying that either. There are no endless streams of boring poses, unlike many other modeling sites. True Amateur Models has very hot modeling poses and super up-close pussy spread shots too! One does not need to use their imagination, as the models pose in very explicit positions! The images on the site are high res and can be enlarged on a monitor screen, making it look like the girl is sitting on your computer desk! If you are looking for barefoot models, asshole shots, leg shots, upskirt shots, pussy shots, and a big range of varied ages, shapes and sizes, then you should check out the site!

Ronald - Raleigh, North Carolina

I absolutely love True Amateur Models, and as a photographer myself, I greatly admire your unique style of shooting! As long as you continue to update the site on a regular basis, you always have, I will always remain a happy and satisfied member! Thanks for running one of the best amateur sites out there today and keep up the great work!

George - Astoria, Oregon

I just wanted to send you an email because I just signed up with your site to become a member and I am blown away! No wonder you give away so many free and high quality sample photos all over the internet! I used to wonder why you would give out so many free sample galleries when you have a pay site, but now I understand! You can totally back it up with the insane amount of content that you have in the members area! You must have been shooting for many years to aquire all of that. Anyway, great amateur site and congrats on such an impressive members area too! The navigation is a breeze and everything is so easy to find through the search function and through browsing around the varied categories. Thumbs up bro!

Klaus - Hamburg, Germany

I enjoy very much logging into your website! The girls are all so very nice looking, and I like that you shoot them in the natural setting, if you know what I mean. In other words, they all look real and not fake looking. They are like the real girls that I see every morning down at the bread market! I like the real looking and natural girls and I am so sick of how many shitty amateur sites are on the web these days! I love to browse though your pictures, and your site has a crap load of them too! The videos are nice, but I have always been more of a picture type of guy, so this site is just perfect for me!

Matthew - Albany, New York

I really like those super close-up shots of the girls pussies and assholes. That shit really makes my dick hard. Fuck that fancy ass glamour modeling bullshit. True Amateur Models keeps the shit real, underground and just raw as fuck! Instead of saying to the model "ok, sweetie pie, get yourself in that one particular fancy artistic pose and throw your arms back in the wind", you instead say...."bend over and take the both of your hands and spread apart your fucking ass crack!" Don't get me wrong though dude. I like the modeling poses, ...but yeah, nothing beats those high quality pussy and asshole shots!

Guenther - Vienna, Austria

I have joined pay sites in the past, but this one is definately my all time favorite! Believe it or not, I was almost late for work this morning because I coud not stop myself from masturbating before getting into the shower! Please keep shooting these lovely amateur models! Oh yeah, I also like the hardcore stuff a lot too! I love seeing these girls stroke cock, suck cock and getting their pussies fucked! I also like it when you cum in their pussies. Can you please also cum in some of the assholes too? I saw in the members area that you came in Tiffany and Deanna's asses. Great site, but please cum in more of the models buttholes.

Amber Model Ashley Model Ashlyn Model

Jonathon - Bellevue, Washington

One thing that I really like a lot about this site is that the pictures are very high quality and that they are shot in a very unique way. But yet, all the while, still sustaining that true and amateur look to them. It is a bit difficult to explain exactly what I mean, but what I can say is that I have never seen any other site (or photographer) that resembles your style of shooting or even the types of girls that you shoot. Most of the other amateur sites have pro models that were hired to look like amateur girls or either they are "user submiited" sites with small and blurry pictures. Keep up the great work guys and keep shooting the exclusive girls!

Phil - Lancaster, England

I rejoined your website today for the second time after a few months and thanks for all of the updates! I hate it when sites do not update, but your site always updates, and always updates on time, according what I have seen. I was surprised to see some of the same models appearing again! That is so great, because that way, the girls have a lot of pictures and videos! I also like your new models too and wasn't expecting to find as many as I did! Thank's for being so true to your word and continuing to update the site with new and fresh amateur models! I love them all!

Leon - Compton, California

Yo, what's happening True Amateur Models? I just wanted to send an email to let you know that your website muthafuckin is the shit brutha! Are you gonna shoot anymore pictures of that amateur babe Braiden? I like that phat and juicy latina ass, ...and oooh yeah, she is also very good at showing her booty hole too! You know what I'm sayin? Sheeet. Keep shooting those amateur HD videos too! Your videos are fucking great! Only the real and underground muthafuckin shit. That's what your site True Amateur Models represents to me!

Roy - Lexington, Kentucky

I just stumbled across your site and decided to become a member. Holy shit guy! You sure know what you are doing! I like all of those candid shots. I also like the many different types of looks! I even saw a few of the SAME models that had BOTH...shaved and hairy pussies! How many websites show you their models both ways...hairy and shaved? And how many have mulitple galleries that are jam packed with content from the same models? And the brand new models are always added very quickly to the site too! Heck, I'll tell ya good buddy, ...this is just a great site all around and I am glad that I found it!

Bobby - Atlanta, Georgia

When I look at the pictures from your website, I feel like I am right there with the girl! Your pictures are just so up-close and personal! Definately an A+ website! I really like that you are recording more videos now too. And not only that, they are really good videos too! I love the high definition quality to them! Of course, I like the photos a lot too and there are many of them on your website! I could not believe the amount of sets that were available! Most of the girls I like a whole lot, but I did find a couple that I didn't like too much. But hey, that's why you shoot different types! So that you can cater to just about any surfers preference!